Sunday, September 15, 2013

ChlorisBoris - Rose Print & Polkadot Tote Bag ♥

I stumbled across the delightful C h l o r i s B o r i s on Twitter and ever since I first laid eyes on the stunning pictures of their beautiful creations I just knew I had to share them with you all. As you may know if you are a regular reader of my blog I absolutely adore handmade pieces and try to share some wonderful crafters and their creations with you all whenever I can. All of Chloris Boris' pieces are hand crafted by a lovely lady named Vicki. Her talent is astounding and it's clear to see not only from the pieces themselves but also from the Chloris Boris website how much passion, dedication, effort and love go into all that she makes. Vicki has a blog on the Chloris Boris website which she regularly updates with her designs, showing how she crafted them accompanied by the most stunning pictures of them all. It's always wonderful for me to come across a crafter or business owner who is just as lovely as the products they are selling that is why I just had to tell you about Chloris Boris and show you Vicki's beautiful pieces, I'm hoping you'll love them just as much as I do!

I am now the very proud owner of a Chloris Boris tote bag. The bag itself came wrapped in brown paper tied with a shiny blue ribbon and tags attached, I thought this was such a sweet touch and would make the bag an ideal Christmas present, sorry yes I mentioned the 'C' word but there's only three and half months to go people! My bag is a blue floral design, a pattern which I have a particular penchant for and is actually featured on my bedding, as you will see in the picture below. The bag is lined with a pretty pink polka dot fabric which also features on the detailing on the exterior of the bag and on the straps, it's so deliciously girly! The bag is spacious with lots of room for everything you may need for a day out. I use my bag whilst out shopping and it has room for anything I need to bring with me and anything I buy along the way. The quality of the bag is exquisite. The fabric is thick which is fantastic as I want it to last forever. The details of the sewing are flawless. I always expect something that is handmade to have minor flaws but this tote bag has none, it is perfection and I think the details of the sewing really add to the bags overall quality, the detailing really makes it! There is a pocket on the outside of the bag which just adds to the detail and there is also a zipped pocked on the inside of the bag, ideal for putting valuables in, this is where I put my car keys for safe keeping. I can't get enough of this tote bag and have been showing it off to friends and family, who also love it too! As a bag lover I am so happy to have this in my collection and have been hinting to my fiance about getting another one in the Chloris Boris collection already! A girl can never have enough pretty things, right?



  1. Glad you love it too Lucy! :)

  2. What a sweet bag! So roomy, too.

  3. That is gorgeous and a good size! Love how it arrived too.

    Vicky x

  4. I love the print of this tote and the finish of it . It is well made and looks so pretty. Thanks for the review :)


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