Monday, September 09, 2013

Brush Baby ♥

It's important for me as a mother to give my children good habits which they will keep for life, one of these being brushing their teeth twice a day and looking after their gums. Teeth are something you will keep forever, if you look after them properly. This is something I want to install into my children's minds, look after what you have and it won't need replacing. I put out a request looking for something which would help Tyler Lee through his teething stage and was offered Brush Baby's range of products. I began using the dental wipes on Tyler Lee's gums a few weeks back and I must say he absolutely loves them. He likes the sensation of my finger running against his gums and I think it must give him some relief from the pain of teething. Brush Baby's dental wipes are safe to use on babies from newborn stage and even though they're fantastic in the aid of teething pain there are other great benefits too. Cleaning a babies gums helps reduce the build up of bacteria in a babies mouth, providing a clean and healthy environment for new teeth to grow. Also the banana and strawberry flavour of the wipes are a big hit with Tyler Lee. They are so simple to use, you just tear the sachet, take the wipe out, remove the plastic covering the wet part, slip it on your finger and use, it's as simple as that! We are now on our second box and they really are a great product for babies. I was also sent the baby and toddler toothpaste which comes in a gentle applemint flavour. This toothpaste can also be used from the newborn stage, providing they have a tooth, I know some babies can be born with them. I haven't had the opportunity to use this yet as we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a tooth still but I'm sure it'll be just as great as the wipes. Both the wipes and the toothpaste contain Xylitol which prevent the formation of acid which attacks teeth, great for preventing tooth decay. Finally I was send the chewable toothbrush. I only began giving Tyler Lee this a couple of weeks ago as the age on it is ten months to thee years, however, as he's not using it for the purpose of brushing his teeth I didn't find any harm in giving it to him to chew on and help his teething. He absolutely loves it, as you can see from the pictures below. He just sits there chewing on it and having a think for himself. The toothbrush is made from a clear rubber and is very soft and movable. The design of it ensures that it can fit into babies mouths correctly, it cleans teeth and massages gums - great for helping teething babies. It can be popped in the fridge too to give a cooling sensation to sore gums. As someone who has had problems with my teeth in adulthood I wish products like this were available when I was a child. I shall continue using Brush Baby's dental products as Tyler Lee grows to protect his little teeth and for making sure he always has a beautiful, toothy smile!

You can find Brush Baby's products in the baby and children's health section at your local Boots store or you can view the Brush Baby website for a list of other stockists in your area and for more information about the brand.


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