Thursday, September 05, 2013

Baby Boy Clothes & Toys Haul ♥

Since becoming a mother I find it far more exciting to go shopping for Tyler Lee than for myself. I can't resist all the beautiful little clothes, toys and accessories they have for babies these days, great for Tyler Lee, terrible for my purse and his dad's wallet! I even find myself getting things in bigger sizes because 'he'll grow into them', my baby has clothes ages 12-18 months sitting in his wardrobe waiting for the chance to be worn, I'm seasons ahead! Please tell me other mothes do this! At the moment I'm thinking ahead to autumn/winter this year but have also picked up a few bits for spring 2014, absolutely crazy! You can see the other pieces I've bought for him for this autumn and winter here - Baby Boy Clothes Haul - Autumn/Winter 2013. I may however be forgiven because he is my first born and my whole life revolves around him at the moment. Anyway enough of the babbling, let me show you what I bought...

1. Sophie la girafe - I've read fantastic reviews on this and how it's helped teething babies so hopefully it'll help Tyler Lee - 14.99 so quite expensive for a rubber toy I think!
2. Comforter - Penneys/Primark bring out new character clothes, blankets and comforters every season and as Tyler Lee has a lot of clothes with Hector Hippo on them I decided to get him this super soft comforter too - 3.50 from Penneys.
3. White long sleeved vest - an essential for the colder weather - €3.50 from Penneys.
4. Three pack of long sleeved sleep suits.  €9 from Penneys.
5. The details on the sleepsuits, so cute!
6. Disney's Tigger jumper. This is 12-18 months! €7 from Tesco.
7. Grey and blue stripey jumper - €7 from Florence & Fred at Tesco.
8. Navy and brown elbow patches jumper - €7 from Florence & Fred at Tesco.
9. Super soft bear ears hoodie - €8 from Dunnes Stores.
10. Velour stripey sleepsuit and hat with Hector Hippo character on it - €9 from Penneys.
11. The detail on the sleepsuit.
12. Chicco duffel coat I love this. I found this in TK Maxx, it says the RRP is €79.90 and I got it for €26.99, absolute bargain!
13. The detail of the coat lining. 

So there you have it, I think I'm more than prepared clothes wise for the colder months. I can't wait for Tyler Lee  in all of these I'm sure and lots of Tyler Lee's Outfit of the Day posts are to come soon. I think the next haul will be all about, dare I say it, Christmas! So keep an eye out for that.



  1. Beautiful eyes! Beautiful baby!

    1. Thank you so much Elena, everyone seems to love his eyes :)

  2. Love the Sophie and the patched jumper :) Great haul x
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you Vicky, Tyler Lee seems to be loving Sophie at the moment! xo

  3. Oh my god, the duffle coat is just adorable!! I'm due twin boys soon and I can't stop buying stuff either, it's addictive! x

  4. Ooooh hes gorgeous! Love the clothes you got him. WOW yes €15 is dear for a teething toy....but hopefully it works! x

    1. Thank you Yaz! Yeah it is VERY expensive and I wasn't going to get it but it was in EVERY shop we went to and I was guilted into getting it! ;) xo

  5. Love the clothes and the toys! Great haul!:)

  6. oh, you must really enjoy shopping for him!

    1. Fatema it is now my favourite pastime ;)


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