Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Owl & Dog - Handmade Delights ♥

I'm always inspired by crafters and people who can sew, they make me want to buy a sewing machine and start making lots of lovely pieces to add to my home. This is definitely on my bucket list as I'd love to make my own cushions, quilts and some lovely little things for Tyler Lee's bedroom. During the month I received a package from my wonderful pen pal Bee who is also from Ireland. Her aunt makes some handmade pieces and Bee picked up this beautiful pink hanging owl with a drop heart for me. I just had to share as I know so many owl lovers and I think this piece is so lovely! I have it hanging on the wall in our office/spare bedroom which I am currently decorating with cute little things I have collected during my four years of snail mailing. Bee's mother was also kind enough to send Tyler Lee the blue dog softie, it is so cute! I love the floral design and the ribbon on it has made it easy to hang on his wardrobe, it's a welcome and beautiful addition to his nursery. I just love these handmade items, I find them much more special than something you can just buy in the shop and they are something to be truly treasured. So I want to say a big heartfelt thank you to the lovely Bee, her equally lovely mother and her very talented aunt! What wonderful friends I have!

Stay pretty people!



  1. How lovely :)

    I too want a sewing machine so I can make lots of lovely things!!

    The little dog you have would go perfectly in my bedroom :p x

  2. Aaah so cuteee <3 especially the dog ^_^

  3. These are SO PRETTY! :)

    I just discovered your blog! It's so nice! I look forward to your posts xx

  4. who doesn't love owls <3 that print is very cute!


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