Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Additions To Tyler Lee's Wardrobe ♥

I swear my little angel Tyler Lee has a much better wardrobe than I do. I had to share these recent additions with you all as they're super adorable! I bought all of these items off various shops on Ebay and I can't believe the bargains I picked up, absolutely fabulous especially when I see various "boutiques" on Facebook trying to sell some of these items for outrageous prices!

The bunny cuddle coat cost 25 euro plus 5 euro postage and packaging. It'll be so adorable on Tyler Lee this autumn and winter, I can't wait to show him off in it. The hood has a bunny face and ear, the pocket is a carrot with a rabbit rattle attached to the inside of it. The lining is blue silky smooth fabric and the outside is white, fluffy and soft. The coat has one button and bow underneath the neck to tie.

The knitted owl hat was just 2.78 with free postage and packaging. I couldn't resist this, I love owls and the knitted hat will be perfect for when the weather gets colder. I bought two of these and am awaiting delivery of the darker coloured one.

The blue and white stripey shoes were just 1.95, such a bargain! They are super soft, perfect for Tyler Lee's little feet and not restricting in any way. They have a heart design on the front and the words 'love baby' embroidered into them. They tie with a Velcro strap, so easy to get on and off little feet.

The brown and blue shoes were just 2.90 and came with free postage and packaging also. They're also really soft and will match the other owl hat I bought for Tyler Lee perfectly. They'll also match some of the winter outfits I bought him too.

I won't be buying from any Facebook shops in future, I'll be getting what I need from shops in my city and from Ebay if there is something which I'd really love for Tyler Lee. Babies grow so quickly and it's so sad to be putting these clothes away in vacuum bags every three months but I love having these gorgeous pieces for my baby boy and sometimes it's just too hard to resist buying him another addition for his wardrobe!

Hugs & Stitches 


  1. He is the cutest, with that hat on!


  2. Awwww the owl hat is my absolute favourite :)

  3. Very Cute! I can't wait to have a baby and dress him/her up....:) Your so Blessed...

  4. Tyler Lee's the cutest boy I've ever seen!:)

  5. Yes, they are growing up quickly but they are our treasures and we can not resist to buy clothes and toys! And it makes us so happy :-)

  6. omg that owl hat is just so damn cute! brings out his eyes! <3

  7. such a cute and adorable baby =)



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