Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Recent Competition Prizes ♥

I wanted to post to show you all the wonderful prizes I received this week from Kat, one of the bloggers at a fabulous fellow Irish blog Dolly Rouge. I had won products from the new Oz Great and Powerful collection by Essence, four in total, so you can imagine my surprise when the postman arrived at my door with a box of goodies! Kat was such a sweetheart and added in some amazing extras for me to enjoy, so kind of her, I'm still in awe that someone was that nice to me and how great that it was a fellow Irish blogger! Kat sent me -
  • Two adorable mini notebooks, one with ice-cream cones and one with my addiction - bunting! The bunting notebook is now my new blogging notebook.
  • A Leighton Denny nail kit, complete with crystal file, this is perfect for me as after that shellac manicure I received on holiday, Bling & Bows, my nails aren't the healthiest and are in need of some tender loving care.
  •  Marks & Spencer blusher in 'Pink Mix'. This looks so great, I like the pink and purple tones and the raised heart design, can't wait to try this out.
  • Rimmel Apocalips in 'Nude Eclipse'. This is my first ever Apocalips, I know how awful of me as a blogger! This will look great with my new everyday makeup.
  • Two Essence eye pencils in 'China Girl' a lovely purple/navy colour and 'Fragile But Feisty' a light shimmery green colour.
  • Essence cream blush in 'Beware the Wicked Witch'. This is such a gorgeous coral shade and I've never really used a cream blush before so I'm also looking forward to giving this a go.
  • Essence highlighting powder in 'The Great and Powerful'. Coming into the autumn and winter it's essential for me to have a powder to set my foundation and make my skin look flawless so this will be a very handy product for me.
  • Dr K Soap Company Unscented lip balm. Another must have living in Ireland where it's cold and windy, lips tend to get chapped and it's always essential to have a lip balm in your pocket and handbag. 
  • I was also sent two NYC nail polishes, one red and one pink but I had put them away in my nail polish box before I got the chance to photograph them, silly me.
  • Finally LUSH liquid lipstick in 'Passionate'. This is a beautiful fuchsia coloured lipstick and my first LUSH cosmetic. I'm very familiar with the bath bombs and masks but have never tried any of their makeup products so I'm very happy to have received this and in my favourite colour - pink!
Thanks so much to Kat for her generosity and for sending me things which I've never used before, I can't wait to try them all out and review them on the blog in the coming weeks.

 Stay pretty people!



  1. wow , some awesome stuff you won , your baby is lucky for you :)

  2. The nail polishes look gorgeous!!

  3. Wow! What fab prizes! The blusher is so gorgeous xx

  4. Marks & Spencer blusher in 'Pink Mix' looks so pretty, please review them ^_~

  5. Congrats! :P Amazing prizes :)

  6. Wow! The prizes are so good. You're so lucky. Use them on good days. :)

  7. The blusher is look cute!
    Please review Rimmel APocalipstic if i didn't wrong the name XD
    Btw you're so lucky XDDDD

  8. Wow! They look adorable! Congrats!

  9. im hearing forst time about the oz collection by essence, in my country is essence too but i doubt we have this collection :-/


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