Monday, August 12, 2013

Bubbaroo - Joey Swag ♥

 One thing I am very concerned about as a mother is keeping my baby safe and warm as he sleeps. Tyler Lee is going to turn six months old in just four days and he's at the age now where he is so mobile and loves to have comforters and blankets up around his face as he sleeps. He absolutely loves doing this but I am terrified that one night he won't take it off and may suffocate himself. He is now also able to turn from his back to his stomach and has been doing this for about a month now and does it during his sleep. For me this is such a worry as he is not yet able to turn himself back over so I went to find a solution to this problem and came up with using grobags. Not only do grobags keep the baby warm as they sleep without the need for blankets, they also act to keep the baby less mobile keeping them from being readily able to roll over while sleeping. One of the best grobags I have come across so far is the Joey Swag Sleeping Bag by Bubbaroo. The Joey Swag by Bubbaroo looks and feels luxurious, acts as a proper duvet would and comes in four different tog values to keep your baby safe and snug no matter what time of year it is. 

 Tyler Lee's Joey Swag has a heavy-weight tog value of 2.5 and so is ideal for the cool nights we have here in Ireland. I've been putting him to sleep in this bag for the past few weeks and when I take him out of it in the morning he is so lovely and warm and I know he's had the most comfiest of sleeps as he sleeps all night in his Joey Swag. As he's in the Joey Swag there's no need for me to put any top sheets or blankets on him, therefore, there's no need for me to worry about him leaving them on his face. The Joey Swag is double zipped, with one at the top and one at the bottom making it easy to preform during the night nappy changes if needed without upsetting the baby's sleep. Tyler Lee's Joey Swag is in size six to eighteen months and so will last him a very long time. The Joey swag is roomy and quite long giving him all the space he needs to toss and move his limbs freely during the night without becoming uncovered and being left cold.

 The Joey Swag by Bubbaroo comes in four different colours and a choice of two stripy options. Tyler Lee's Joey Swag is in mystic blue which is a lovely light blue shade, perfect for baby boys but also light enough to suit baby girls also, I know if I ever have a daughter in the future I'd be putting her in this grobag also. Bubbaroo makes grobags from children aged newborn to six years which I think is fantastic as when you find a brand and product that you like to use for your child you want it to be available for as long as it possibly can be. Another fantastic thing about the Joey Swag that I shall most definitely be using it for is that it can also act as a travel system piece. The double zip allows it to fit around the straps of a buggy or car seat keeping your little one warm and snug while on the move, I love this element of the grobag as the days get so cold here in Ireland for the majority of the year. As Tyler Lee has very bad reflux the grobag has been washed a few times now already and I'm pleased to say it washes very well and does not shrink or fade.

Overall Tyler Lee and I love the Joey Swag by Bubbaroo, it's a grobag that grows with the baby and keeps them safe and comfortable in their sleep. I would definitely recommend Bubbaroo to any expectant mothers or mothers already with babies and small children as the quality and use of the Joey Swag is 100%, a definite must have for your little ones. The Joey Swag by Bubbaroo is €39.57 and is available from the Bubbaroo Website.



  1. I can't believe he is coming up to 6 months! N has a sleeping bag too, they're brilliant. He also suffered with reflux so you have my sympathies there xx

  2. I have the same swag amd found it so handy!


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