Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby Boy Clothes Haul Autumn/Winter 2013 ♥

Nothing makes me happier than shopping for my baby boy. Baby clothes are just so adorable and I like to update Tyler Lee's wardrobe whenever I can. It's a well known fact that baby girl clothes are much nicer than the baby boy clothes on offer so I tend to stay in the newborn section, which goes up to twelve months, rather than the boys clothes section itself. As you'll probably be able to tell from the photographs I love to dress Tyler Lee in whites, baby blues and greys, I think these colours look so sweet on baby boys and keep them looking like tiny babies. Let me show you what I picked up for my little angel for him to wear this coming autumn and winter.

 I bought this 'When I grow up I want to be a prince' long sleeved vest from Mothercare for €7. I thought it was really cute and it's one of many prince or princess worded clothes I've seen available since the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

 This white long sleeved top and baby blue with stars dungarees combo is also from Mothercare and was €15. This will be perfect for keeping Tyler Lee warm during the cold winter months.

 These skinny jeans were just €5 in the Mothercare sale and they are Tyler Lee's second pair of this particular style. These are 12 to 18 months so I'm thinking ahead! He already has them in 9 to 12 months.

 This nautical themed sleep suit was also in the Mothercare sale and was €7. I love to put anything nautical themed on Tyler Lee as we live by the sea and he loves boats!

 This 'Rule the World' white and grey striped sleep suit is from Mothercare and I really liked it. It has silver crowns on the bum part and was just €9.

 This long sleeved white and grey striped vest top was from Pumpkin Patch and was €5.99.

 These denim jeans were also from Pumpkin Patch and were €10. These have an adjustable waist so will be nice and comfy for Tyler Lee to wear.

 I loved this army camo suit as it's very fancy dress and I love that. This is thick so it's perfect for winter and is also hooded. This was €10 from Florence & Fred at Tesco.

 When I saw this I just had to get it for Tyler Lee. This is his very first robe and isn't it adorable with all the stars? It came with matching pyjamas and I think it's just gorgeous! This was €10 from Penneys.

 This fleece grey and baby blue striped sleep suit with overcoat is from Penneys and was €9. I love it as it reminds me of the types of clothes I had Tyler Lee wearing when he was just born.

 This fleece sleep suit with character feet is also from Penneys and was €5. This is just like a sleep suit Tyler Lee had when he was just one month old and I love it!

 This gorgeous jacket is from Penneys and is thick so it'll be lovely and warm for the winter months. This jacket was €10 and was sold out in the 9-12 month age when I went back to Penneys so I'm so glad I bought it when I did.

 This baby blue and grey striped long sleeved top was part of a set of two for €6 from Penneys.

 I wanted to get Tyler Lee a snowsuit to keep him warm and snug for the cold winter months and when I saw this hippo character one I couldn't resist! it was €9 from Penneys which I think is a great price!

 I thought these shoes were so cool when I saw them and will go well with clothes that Tyler Lee already has in his wardrobe. These were €4 from Penneys.

This is the second top from the two pack for €6 and I think it's so cute with the little characters on it.

Finally this fleece sleep suit complete with hat was something that I could not leave behind. Look at the bum detail, isn't it adorable? This was €6 also from Penneys.

I love these new additions to Tyler Lee's wardrobe and can't wait to see him wearing them. They shall be featured in some Tyler Lee's outfit of the day posts this coming autumn and winter!



  1. omg how cuteeeeeeeeee! I love baby clothes ;-)

  2. ohhhhh so cute little clothes.i love them!

  3. Oh my!! This is all so adorable and hugable! He is going to look even cuter in all of that clothes

    Christina xx

  4. Awww so adorable! I love the snow suit and all your stuff from Mothercare, especially the Prince themed ones!
    I often buy in bigger sizes when things are in the sale, it just makes sense doesn't it?!
    I love your taste in baby clothes :)

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks - UK Based parenting blog

  5. I love the stripy sleep suit, and how cute are tiny jeans! I'd forgotten how much I liked those.

  6. These are so adorable! I love little blue jeans so cute! It can be hard to find cute boys clothes as we have found with my nephew but these are all adorable!

  7. This is so cute:) I love the shoes, your son is going to be a little mister :)

  8. These are SO cute! I'm so broody for a little boy!! Xx

  9. OMG, so cute. i love the snow suit the most

  10. such cute clothes are not available in my country :(


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