Friday, July 05, 2013

What's In A Name? ♥

I don't normally write negative posts on my blog but I just had to speak up about something which really got under my skin this week. I don't watch television but a woman from my pregnancy group sent me a message saying something about the name 'Tyler' was coming up on a segment on a British television programmed called 'This Morning'. I presumed it would just be a segment about popular names in Britain but no, I was appalled to hear it was a segment based on the opinions of a moronic, delusional, self-righteous, snob who should probably spend more time getting her head out of her rear end and stop slating other people and most importantly judging children based on something which they had no choice in in the first place! What angered me even more is that fact that she went on a mad ramble saying children with names such as 'Tyler' are basically disruptive scum who should be kept away from her little darlings and are usually lower class. How dare she! I did not choose my sons name, his father did and I can safely say that him and I are most definitely not knackers! My son is a beautiful, curious and happy little boy and if someone wanted to judge him on his name, well I think that shows more about the person than it does about my son. 

Through the anger I have to laugh though, these opinions came from a woman who has affairs with other women's husbands, cannot afford a hotel room to have her smutty dealings in and has to make do with a field in broad daylight and most importantly does not like geographical names yet she named her daughter India. I think from these facts it can be seen that Katie Hopkins is a woman with no morals, common decency or intellect. How can a person who has contradicted herself so much be taken seriously? A person should not be judged on their name, let alone an innocent child. It doesn't matter what you are called it is what you do in life and how you make your mark in this world that matter. People are getting caught up in superficial things these days and not focusing on what is important - personality, character traits, skills, these are truly what make a person, a name does not. Yes we all want a beautiful, fitting name for our child but in my opinion the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, case in point 'North West'. Her parents obviously chose this name as they liked it and I have read that it has a significance to them, north being the highest point you can go so ultimately they see her as being the 'highest' point in their lives, to me that is a sweet sentiment, to others they see it as a joke of a moniker. There are names we all favourite over others, but I, as a sane human being would never judge anyone by their name or discriminate against them due to a moniker they didn't even get to choose themselves. 

I am so glad I don't watch television anymore, especially when it seems to be full of useless drivel by the likes of this unintelligent, ghastly excuse for a human being. I think Katie Hopkins needs to take a good look in the mirror and judge herself before she starts on other people's children. If her children are in any way like their mother I think it will be other parents stopping their children from associating with them, not the other way around. Think before you speak!

Just in case you don't know what I'm on about and fancy a laugh you can hear the opinions of this ugly person by watching this video. I love the way it was an Irish lady named Anna May standing up against her views, thankfully some people still have some sense and great to see that at least one of them is from my country!


  1. Well said, I couldn't agree more.

  2. Not every child can be called Edward or Rupert ;-)

    Don't take her words too seriously.

    The choice of the name is always the parents' one and no-one else should nag about it.

    Best wishes,
    Claudia/aka MrsTaavi

  3. I watched this last night! I think this woman obviously really enjoys being controversial and uses it as a way to get attention. I don't think she's too intelligent either, seeing as she said she doesn't like names which are geographical locations, yet one of her children is called India!

  4. Well written hun. That woman needs a good hard slap. She is so up her own arse!! xx

  5. Very well written post Fiona! I agree with all of your sentiments

    Sparkles &



  6. I like the name Tyler plus the amazing and funny Tyler Oakley has that name and he isn't 'ugly' or 'scum' therefore she is a snobby cow

  7. Lovely Post, couldn't agree more!


  8. I totally agree with you. Ignore the negativity. I love the name 'Tyler' to begin with and your baby is so adorably handsome. He is heaven sent! :)

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