Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pretty Post #15 ♥

This week I was on holiday and couldn't check my post until Friday evening so I was quite excited to get home and see what I received from around the world. Along with four packages of various things I had ordered off of Ebay I also received four lovely letters, some from new pals who I had met recently through the Facebook pen pal group International Penpals. I also received three great letters on Friday which I didn't have time to include in last weeks Pretty Post so I am including them this week as the creativity and generosity of two of my pals really made my day. I love being surprised! This week I also wrote my first ever letters on a plane, three to be exact! Well and truly airmail! This week shall be spent on catching up on post and putting together little surprises for the pals who were so thoughtful of me last week. I shall also be writing and sending the twenty something postcards I picked up while in Crete. Here is what I received this week...

Let me begin with Friday's wonderful surprises and letters -

Pictures 1-7 - A letter and surprises from my lovely Dutch pal Daisy. This girl never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and every letter from her is such a surprise! She wrapped her letter to me in a beautiful yellow and white ribbon, I'm loving all things yellow at the moment. Look at all the stamps she used! I thought this envelope looked so cool and colourful, I must cut off all the stamps and put them in my stamp box for safe keeping. Daisy was so thoughtful of me that she sent me a 'relaxation package' and wrote me some instructions on how to use is, I thought this was so lovely of her to do! I was intrigued by the three cylindrical items wrapped up in beautiful paper and washi tape and when I opened the notes attached I was even more curious to see what they were. Daisy sent me some of her favourite beauty things - a mascara, a lip gloss and a duo nail polish. I was so surprised and really touched by how much effort she made for me with this letter and package!

Pictures 8-12 - A letter and surprises from my beautiful Finnish pal Asta. This girl is such a sweetheart and is one of those people you meet in life who you can just 'click' with instantly. Along with another delightful letter Asta sent me lots of tea to pass onto Jacek, he loves those Moomin teas, some sweets, I loved the Fazer chocolates and a lovely eyeshadow duo and liquid eyeliner - just what I needed as my other one had run out. Once again I was so touched by this letter and package from Asta, it was so lovely to receive hers and Daisy's post to me on the same day, double surprises!

13 - My second letter from a new pal of mine the wonderful Babsii who is German but living in Finland.

Now onto the post from this week which was waiting for me on my return home -

1. A letter from a new pal of mine named Alexandra from Austria. I was very happy to hear from her and loved her personalised writing paper of a cat and her address printed on.

2. A letter and a postcard of Schwarzenburg from another new pal of mine named Ulrike from Germany. I loved her letter.

3. A letter from one of my older pals Tanja from Germany. It's always great to hear from one of my older pals.

4. A letter from another new pal of mine Emma from United Kingdom. She is such a lovely lady.

5. Last but not least a letter and a couple of postcards from my pal Nadia who is now back in Florida after her European adventure.

As you can see I received lots of lovely letters and some new snail mail friendships are just beginning to blossom. It's great having a mixture of older a newer pals as some people you already have a deep-set friendship with but others are just beginning to form. It's exciting and the post is a thrill every week to see who you are going to receive a reply from.

Stay pretty people and write some letters!



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