Sunday, July 07, 2013

Pretty Post #14 ♥

Another week, lots more pretty post! This was a fabulous post week and a great one to have before I headed away on my holiday to Crete. I received three more items of post this week which aren't here from my dear friends Asta, Babsii and Daisy, their post arrived on Friday but I didn't have the chance to add the pictures before I jetted away on my holiday so I will included them in next weeks feature as they were so creative. I hope when I return home I have lots of post waiting for me, that would be amazing! Let me show you what I received from my wonderful friends around the world...
1. An intoduction letter from a new pal of mine named Elodie from France. Elodie is such a sweet person and asked me to be pals after meeting via the pen pal group on Facebook. I replied to her letter straight away, that's how much I liked it!

2. A box of goodies and another lovely letter from my dear friend Tina from Germany. Tina is one of my pals who I have met in person and she shall be coming to stay with my little family and I for a week in October, I can't wait!

3. The goodies that Tina sent me. There were some gifts and tea for Tyler Lee to settle his stomach, he has terrible reflux but he doesn't seem too keen on the fennel flavour. Also jellies and some beauty items.

4. The Smurfs Haribo! These were for Jacek and least to say he was delighted to get them!

5. A letter from my Ella Bella from USA. Ella is my trans-Atlantic sister and a dear friend to me.

6. The stamps Ella used for my letter, look how pretty those pink ones are and they make a full picture when put together. Everyone knows I like anything pink!

7. My second letter from the wonderful Yvonne from Germany. She sent some gifts for Tyler Lee for his christening, a cute little Disney t-shirt and a personalised keychain, I love personalised items for my baby boy and the owl on the end of this is so sweet.

8. Tyler Lee's personalised keychain from Yvonne. I love it.

I am on holiday from today so I shall not be able to collect my post for a week! I hope I return to lots of pretty post. Wouldn't it be fantastic to return to a huge pile of letters waiting in my hall, now that would be amazing!

Stay pretty people and get writing!



  1. I love the keyring, such a beautiful personalised gift. Have a fab holiday x

  2. Those are really pretty letters. I love this idea. I hope to try it out someday. Plus, the Haribo Smurfs!!! How can you not love the sender, right? :3

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