Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PaperShaker ♥

I was recently asked if I would like to review some cards from a website named PaperShaker. As you will know if you are a regular reader of my blog I am a big lover of stationary, cards and all things snail mail so I thought that this would be a great thing to review and also would be very fitting with my blog. I was given two codes and was able to order twenty cards of my chosen design and was able to personalise them accordingly to write the information I wanted to be printed on the card. PaperShaker specialise in cards for wedding invitations, birthday party invites, birth announcements and thank you cards. I would have used my codes to print some wedding invitations but we have not confirmed our date with the church yet, nevertheless, the wedding invitation designs are beautiful! As I felt it was too late to order birth announcement cards I choose to print thank you cards from Tyler Lee to all the people who had sent him gifts. I had already sent people cards but I thought these were so adorable and they had pictures of him on them so even better! I choose two designs, one with bunting, I'm a bunting-a-holic, I can't get enough of it and one with a snail mail theme, I don't think I need to explain this one! The baby cards come in a variety of designs for girls and boys, some are unisex but every design is really beautiful and something which is a real keepsake. You can add your own photos to the designs, choose the colours, format and style so you can rest assured that your card shall be personalised to you and be exactly what you wish. You're also able to post a message on the back of the card and write whatever you like, I have not included my message in the photographs below as it is private but you are able to choose font, spacing and colour for this also.

I found the PaperShaker website very easy to use apart from the 'add your address' section. In the 'billing address' section it requires you to look up your address. This would not locate my address in Ireland, just addresses in the United Kingdom, so I had to put in a random address. I was then allowed add my own address to the 'delivery address' section but this problem took me a couple of minutes to figure out. Other than this the website is fantastic and offers some really beautiful designs to mark your special occasion.
The cards arrived in two cases which were great for protecting the cards. The cards I received were of very high quality, the print was fantastic and the cards had a glossy finish. There were also high quality envelopes included for each card. PaperShaker state -
"Your memories are one of a kind, so we provide the means for you to celebrate and keep your happiest moments in a style individual to you", from my experience I think they live up to this statement. I shall be returning to PaperShaker for wedding invites once our wedding date is confirmed and would like to thank PaperShaker for my beautiful cards, fantastic service, wonderful contact and a swift delivery. The designs I ordered were £0.65 per card for the bunting card and £0.75 per card for the postal design. You can find all designs and cards at the PaperShaker website.



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  2. Hi Fiona,

    you have really given some nice idea "paper shaker".
    I am also looking for some nice designs. I found it on here. if you wish you also can some ideas from here for thank you cards.



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