Saturday, July 13, 2013

NOTD - Starry Skies ♥

I've just returned home from a wonderful holiday in Crete with my lovely fiance so it's back to life, back to reality... I am so glad to be home though as I missed my handsome baby boy Tyler Lee so much. He spent the week with my mother and had a great time socialising with his great aunt, great grandparents, uncle and grandad, he was also out enjoying the sun in my mothers garden but I must admit I cried so much over missing him and feeling guilty about leaving him - never again! Not until he is at least eighteen! Anyway, let me show you my nails of the day look from my holiday. I created this look using polishes that I bought in Crete. I went a bit nail polish mad whilst on my holiday and bought seven new nail polishes and also got a shellac manicure, I don't know why but it's all about the nails for me these days! I called this look 'starry skies' as it simply reminded me of a very pitch black nights sky filled with stars. The polishes I used were a gorgeous shimmery black colour by Azadé of which I applied three coats to my nail to get a very deep black colour. I then used Fashion Make-UP Nail Lacquer in shade number one which is a very shiny and easy to apply silver glitter polish. I applied two coats of this and loved the effect of it against the black base polish. This polish claims to last up to seven days so I may try this on its own to test that theory. Overall I really loved the look and thought it looked great as it matched my black bikinis, I'm big into colour co-ordination! I shall definitely be recreating this look in the future, I think it's so pretty, nothing beats a bit of sparkle on your nails.

Stay pretty people!


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