Thursday, July 18, 2013

NOTD - Bling & Bows ♥

While in Crete I was treated to a shellac manicure by my fiance Jacek. Getting a manicure is not something I do often while at home, I think I've only ever had three in my life! Therefore, this was a real treat for me. I choose a pink polish, as everyone knows I'm a pink-a-holic and also a sweet bow detail to add onto one nail on each hand. The nail technician also asked if I would like some silver jewel polish on top of the pink and I of course said yes, nothing beats a bit of bling and I thought it would be a fun look. I loved the overall look but I must say I was absolutely shocked at the way the nail technician butchered the skin at the base of my nail. She ripped it off with a tweezers type instrument and it bled a lot, on more than one hand. She didn't even apologise, something I found very bizarre. She then went on to wipe my nails with nail polish remover, something which stings a lot on a finger, especially if it's cut. I was just shocked by the whole thing and it has kind of put me off getting a manicure in the future. That's now hairdressers and nail technicians who aren't getting any business from me! Let me show you the look which was very pretty but which has also chipped on one nail, I was under the impression that a shellac manicure lasted up to three weeks. I apologise if people see this as a moaning post but I can't be positive all the time, especially when I feel let down by a service which I and most probably other people see as a treat. You can see in the pictures where my nail had bled and these pictures were taken the morning after.

Stay pretty people!



  1. oh god!! trust me on this one because I am a nail tech that does shellac but no way she should have done that to your cuticles! You should only push them back and only remove the tiny hangnails at the side but with a really sharp tool specific for the job. Sometimes doing that a tiny bit of a cut can happen but rarely. She should not be removing the cuticles fully! Also it doesn't look like she did a very neat job. With shellac or gels no polish should get on the cuticles, like she has done. Sorry you had such a crappy experience but trust me...we aren't all that bad!!

  2. Ouch! That looks really sore Fiona, I wouldn't be happy with that :( Nice colour though!

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  3. oh my god I cant believe she butchered your cuticles?! You dont cut them! Any therapist knows that! (Im one). I would have complained to the manager that she basically injured you!
    Shellac usually lasts 1-2 weeks. It depends on the person and how well their nails hold polish. Most do get 2 weeks out of it. You should get at least 1 week, any less than that and you had a shoddy therapist.
    Please don't let this absolute eejit who shouldn't be allowed to hold a cuticle nippers put you off!



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