Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Little Turtle ♥

I'm a big fan of fancy dress on babies and children, I think costumes are a great way to fuel a child's imagination and are also a fantastic photo prop. I've dressed Tyler Lee in costume style clothing before, notably for St. Patrick's Day as a little leprechaun and added white bunny ears to his outfit at Easter. I had wanted to get Tyler Lee a little knitted costume hat since he was born but had never gotten round to ordering one. I fell in love with these hats and props from seeing images by Anne Geddes, which have to be some of the most adorable and creative baby pictures I have ever seen. I eventually came across a shop on Ebay which was selling these adorable hats for just €4.65 and with free postage, I couldn't resist! There were many designs to choose from, a mixture for girls and boys but I eventually settled on this cute little turtle hat. The shop states that these hats are for newborn to six month babies but I think they could definitely be used for a few months more as the head part is actually quite big, too big for Tyler Lee's head in fact. It took three weeks for the hat to come and when it did I was so excited and ready to get some great images of my little angel to treasure forever. The hat is of very good quality, the wool is thick and not itchy at all so it's perfect for a baby's head. I've so far taken pictures while he has been awake but it's my mission now to get some while he's asleep and wearing this hat. I absolutely love it! So now that Halloween is on it's way it's time to get thinking of a costume for Tyler Lee for that too, oh the possibilities are endless!

Stay pretty people!



  1. This looks so cute! I've loved these for months, I really want one when we have a little one :) Gorgeous photos.

    Jess xo

  2. Great photos!)) Tyler Lee is so cute in this turtle costume!:)

  3. Aw how cute is Tyler Lee in that costume, I love fancy dress full stop whether it's on kids or adults, it's such good fun! :) xx

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  4. That is so sweet! He is SUCH a happy looking little fella! xx

  5. You have a beautiful baby!:X I'll leave you more comments in future posts, but I have to apologize for my English, which isn't great...Kisses


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