Monday, June 10, 2013

Weaning Tyler Lee - Day #1 ♥

Today I began weaning Tyler Lee officially. He previously had tastes of baby rice but wasn't too keen so I decided to wait until he was a bit older to properly begin the process of introducing him to solid foods. I decided to begin today, Monday June 10th as it's easier, in my opinion, to complete a whole week of something when you begin on a Monday. Also, I decided to begin this week as last week I noticed that Tyler had an increased interested in what I was eating. He was looking for some of a pear I was eating last week, opening his mouth as if he was waiting for some and on Saturday he had his first ever taste of vanilla ice-cream. He was looking with big eyes at my Cornetto, he'd never seen anything like it before and after giving him a taste of it he couldn't get enough!

I am weaning him this week on Cow & Gate Pure Baby Rice mixed with Cow & Gate Anti-Reflux and Regurgitation Formula. I mix one spoon of baby rice with ten spoons of heated formula and mix well so there are no lumps. I am using Tommee Tippee spoons and bowls as I have the Tommee Tippee bottles also. At first Tyler wasn't quite sure of the texture in his mouth and cried but after the second spoonful and me pretending to eat it also he took to it like a duck to water! I think me pretending to eat along with him made him more intrigued to try it out. I'm delighted to report that he finished the whole bowl in one sitting, I was very surprised! I am so proud of Tyler today. I know it's only a small achievement but to see your baby growing and learning new skills is amazing. To see that your child is willing to try something new and that he actually likes it is a great feeling! I was so proud that I had to take a picture of him next to the empty bowl to record the moment for his scrapbook. I really hope tomorrow and the rest of this week on baby rice is as successful as today.

What age did you begin weaning your baby? What were their first foods?



  1. Bless his little face! I started at 6 months, we do baby-led weaning so N has the same food as me. Banana is his favourite xx

  2. Aww bless him!! I'm glad he seems to like it! :D
    I don't know what age I'll start with Tyne - I find it all very confusing as some food packages state 4 months, health visitors here say 6 months but yet when my sister had her baby 3 years back it was all done at 4 months! So who knows!
    I'm just going to wait and see when I feel like Tyne is ready for it

    Sparkles &




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