Thursday, June 06, 2013

VOYA Time To Shine Body Buff ♥

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VOYA Time To Shine Body Buff is an exfoliating lotion which is great for removing dead skin cells and leaving skin soft and smooth to touch. VOYA is an Irish brand and I of course love to use and showcase everything that is Irish to my international readers. VOYA Time To Shine Body Buff contains finely ground walnut shells to give that exfoliating scrub and almond oil, seaweed and ginger to nourish the skin and leave it looking at it's best. 

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This product has the scent of seaweed and smells very natural and fresh. I usually prefer a more floral/tropical smell on the products I use so this was different for me but I enjoyed it and the scent left me feeling as though I had just given my skin a whole lot of natural goodness rather than infusing it with synthetic scents and effects. I used VOYA Time To Shine Body Buff in conjunction with my EcoTools Exfoliating Gloves to get the best result possible and only used the product on the tops of my arms as I have keratosis pilaris and was hoping that this product would help to smooth my skin and exfoliate it to leave it looking healthy rather than sore and red. I was pleased to see that this product really did help my skin condition, immediately my skin felt smoother and appeared softer, very impressive! This product is called 'Time To Shine' and I must admit I did see a slight shine to my skin after use as though it really had been buffed and was naturally glowing. I loved this product so much that I used it all within a week and half! I am always rather generous with exfoliating scrubs, body lotions and shower gels though, I apply too liberally but love to see lather and the products working.

VOYA Time To Shine Body Buff retails for €10.00 and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a product to really exfoliate their skin and give it a lasting effect whether you're like me and wish to use it on a daily basis as a scrub to improve a skin condition or are simply going on holiday or applying fake tan and wish to have your skin in tip top condition for application.

If you're interested in this or any other products which VOYA have to offer you can take a look at the VOYA website. 

Stay pretty people!


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