Friday, June 07, 2013

Tyler Lee's OOTD - Hat'll Do ♥

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The sun has been shining here in Cork for over a week now and we've all been loving it, amazing how the sun can make people instantly happier and much friendly! I wish the sun would shine all the time! Anyway with this hot weather it's important to protect a baby's delicate skin from the sun so I hat to go and buy Tyler a little sun hat. I think this hat is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen, Tyler looks so cute in it! Of course, Tyler doesn't like hats at all so it's ironic that his little romper suit says 'full of smiles' because he certainly was not, at least not when the pictures were being taken anyway. Said romper suit is from Next and I absolutely love it, the minute I saw it I had to buy it for him. I love the camera motif and the fact that Tyler usually is full of smiles I thought it suited him perfectly. I love the combination of the blue and the white and the fabric is light enough for the baby not to be roasting hot but also giving them some warmth in the shade. Next for me have some of the most stylish and gorgeous baby clothes out there, I love buying him things in that store. They have a mix of little rocker outfits to cute, real small baby things and I love to dress Tyler in both looks. I teamed the outfit with his plain white socks, the go with everything! I went to buy Tyler some new pairs of plain white socks this week and could not find any for boys anywhere. They had plenty for girls with ruffles and plenty in older children's sizes but nothing for a fourteen week old baby boy so if anyone has any suggestions for me on where to buy some please do comment below! Here is my little angel rocking his adorable outfit. 

 photo Hat2_zps8722c6b0.jpg
 photo Hat3_zps9db836d4.jpg
 photo Hat4_zps47ac19c7.jpg
 Sun hat - Pumpkin Patch - €3.99
Romper suit - Next - €12
Socks - Gift from a work colleague
Stay pretty people! 


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  1. Awww so cute!!!
    Tyne has this suit too, its gorgeous! I love Tyler's hat too!
    Tyne has two pairs of white socks and both came in multipacks which had about 5 pairs in and the rest were all blue - they were from Mothercare, but bit of a pain to have to buy a whole set of blue socks to get one white pair!

    Sparkles &




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