Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tyler Lee - 4 Months Old ♥

Today my beautiful little angel Tyler Lee is four months old! I actually cannot believe it. It's true what they say, time really does go by so quickly, especially when you're a parent. This day four months ago I was meeting him for the first time and was amazed by his head of dark straight hair and at how big he was - 9lbs 8oz in case you didn't know! Tyler Lee has grown up so much in these past four months, his hair has gotten lighter and has a bit of a wave to it now. He has the most amazing deep blue eyes I have ever seen and everyone always comments on them. Last time he was weighed on May 1st he was 13lb 3oz so I can only imagine what he weighs now. He has the most adorable chubby cheeks and a beautiful smile which just lights up my day whenever I see it.

Tyler Lee loves to play with his toys but can get easily frustrated with them when things aren't going his way. He's getting very attached to his blue bear comforter which was a present from my pen pal Bee and it now goes most places with us. In fact, he's clutching it right now as I type. Tyler Lee loves his sleep, he must have the nicest dreams as he's been sleeping through all night since he was six weeks old. He now sleeps from half eight until seven o' clock in the morning, he's so good to us as I would be lost without my sleep! He also takes two or three naps during the day depending on his mood, he's a little lazy bean!

 He is now being weaned and loves his food! He has so far had baby rice, natural yogurt and carrots, all of which he seems to love and finishes the bowl every time! He even had a lick of my ice-cream one day, he's so curious when it comes to food now and I love being on his food adventure with him. It's funny the new things you learn about your child as the weeks go on. Tyler now has tickles on his neck and has the cutest laugh when you tickle him there, he always seems to get the hiccoughs after he laughs though, quite strange! He loves being up in people's arms and is so curious to the world around him, he likes to look at everything.

I love my little baby boy so much and cherish every moment I have with him. I'm so blessed to have a happy, healthy and beautiful baby and am thankful for him each day. I love you so much Tyler Lee and can't wait for all the other wonderful months we'll spend together during our lives. You'll always be mammy's boy.



  1. Oh wow!
    Hes gorgeous and those eyes!
    He looks like a happy littlr healthy baby! I love it when babies are trying new food! Especially when they realise they like it :)

    Majorly broody now -__-

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  2. Awww that's such a lovely post :) Happy 4 Month Birthday Tyler Lee!

    Sparkles &



  3. oh my goodness, he's getting so big! What a gorgeous little chap :)

    Jess xo

  4. Exact copy of your hubby :0 Let this little pie be happy and healthy


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