Friday, June 28, 2013

Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse ♥

When it comes to my little one protecting his skin from harm is high on my list of priorities, the sun's harmful rays most probably being the most harmful thing I need to protect his skin from right now. We don't get much sun in Ireland but when we do it's safe to say that our skin isn't used to it, people get burnt, badly. Being just four months old Tyler's skin is super delicate and very sensitive to a lot of things. I have to be careful about what I put on his skin otherwise he can break out in a rash, get very dry skin, etc. I had been looking for a sunscreen for Tyler for the summer months, I was unsure at which one to buy as I felt some were very greasy and oily, not right for such sensitive skin. I was sent this Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse to try and I can safely say, up until now, that it has been the best form of sunscreen I have ever come across. It is a mousse, something I had never seen in sunscreen form before and it so easy to apply to Tyler's skin, I just put it on my hand, rub it onto his skin and it absorbs straight away into his skin leaving no residue at all so he's not oily and I can pick him up straight away. 

The mousse has no smell so there is nothing irritating his little nose either. The mousse comes in factor fifty, an essential number for babies and children's skin. The mousse comes from Sudocrem, a brand who have been making baby nappy cream for years now so before using this I knew it would be safe for Tyler as Sudocrem are aware of what a baby's skin needs to be protected. This mousse is now a staple in my changing bag so that it is always there if we are going out for the day and the sun is shining. I've seen this mousse retail in different outlets ranging from €16.95 to €19.95 but it is one-hundred per cent worth the money. Protecting your baby or child's skin is a big must and I highly recommend Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse to any parent out there. This for sure will be my sunscreen of choice for Tyler in the years to come. This sunscreen is so protective that I actually want to take it on holiday with me next week to put on my very sensitive shoulders, they always seem to get burnt no matter what sunscreen I use so hopefully Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse might be the answer! Update to come when I return from holiday.

Stay pretty people and protect yours and your little ones skin this summer!


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