Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stila 'In the Moment' Palette ♥

I recently did a swap of two beauty products with a lovely fellow Irish blogger Yav, aka Makeup Monster. We decided to swap products we didn't use for ones which we'd like to try. I swapped her my Urban Decay Theodora Palette in exchange for Stila 'In the Moment' palette. I preferred the colours on this palette to my Urban Decay one, I felt those colours were a bit too dark for me and I just love the purple tones of the Stila palette. I also swapped her my Benefit 'Bella Bamba' blush in exchange for Bobbi Brown Foundation in 'Warm Ivory', review to come at a later stage. Anyway, onto the Stila palette and why I am loving it so much. 'In the Moment' is a ten colour eye shadow palette with a mixture of warm neutral and purple hues. The colours range from the very light shades of  'Instinct' and 'Desire' which are perfect for highlighting the brow bone to the very dark shades of 'Catalyst' and 'Captivate', these are probably the shades I would use least often as very dark shadows tend to be too harsh looking on my eyes and really make them look closed up but I think these shades would be perfect for creating a very striking looking smokey eyed look. My favourite shades are the lilac and slightly pink shaded colour of 'Impulse' and the bright purple shade of 'Glance' I think these too would compliment each other beautifully in a duo shadow eye look. I also love 'Spontaneous' a shimmery gold colour which I think would look great for a summer inspired eye look. 

I only wore one of the shadows for the first time yesterday so this is more of a first impression but I loved the shadow and was very impressed by it's staying power. I wore the shade 'Impulse' for eleven hours and I have to say it looked beautiful on the eye, demure but pretty as the same time. Also, amazingly the shadow did not crease! I couldn't believe it as usually I get a max of four hours out of an eye shadow before it creases and have to use my Benefit 'Stay Don't Stray' eye shadow primer to keep creasing at bay so I was super impressed with this aspect the the Stila eye shadows. I think this is a major selling factor for Stila eye shadows as not many brands can provide this satisfaction. The shadows apply easily and blend well, great for merging too shadows together like I wish to do with 'Impusle' and 'Glance'. 

I think the range of colours within this palette are fabulous and the shadows themselves are such great quality. This was the first ever product I used from Stila and now I am on the hunt for more. I currently have my eyes fixed on their summer collection, notably their eye shadows in 'Center Stage' and 'Tie Dye', I need these in my life as the colours are beautiful!

From the swatches you can see that the shadows are true to the colour which you see in the palette except maybe for 'Desire' which appears to have a peachy tone in the palette but is a much lighter colour when swatched. I can't wait to create more eye looks with these shades and combining the different shades for stunning eye looks. I shall feature some of the looks I create on the blog so keep an eye out for that. This palette has definitely overtaken MUA 'Undressed' palette to become my daily go-to eye shadow palette. Thanks so much to Yav for swapping and making me a Stila lover.

Stay pretty people!



  1. Glance looks amazing! xx

  2. I have "In the garden"palette and it's quality is amazing!some colour are really familiar!I am sure you will enjoy them!personally it is the only palette I use for every ocassion!and I was between "in the garden: and yours but I have brown-green eyes and it suited me better.

  3. This palette looks amazing!!

  4. Like I already said yesterday, I love the impulse, glance and improvise colors :) They really are stunning. I'm less fan of the brown colors but well, that's just because I never was able to wear it because of the colors of my eyes. I seriously need to stop reading your blog, I want to buy everything after seeing your articles ;) Great one by the way. Can't wait to see pictures of you with these eyeshadows on your eyes :)


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