Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty Post #11 ♥

Hello dollies! I'm here bringing you all another 'Pretty Post' segment, I'm so glad that people are enjoying looking at what I receive in the post from week to week and that these posts have inspired some of you to take up snail mailing, how amazing is that?! This week was a very slow post week. I received just two letters, both of which came on the same day, Wednesday. Why does this always happen? Nothing comes for awhile and then everything comes at once, I think it's a conspiracy within the sorting office! On Monday I also received my makeup swap from a fellow Irish blogger Makeup Monster so I guess I can include that in my 'Pretty Post' adventure this week. The lack of post this week was actually a good thing. I was able to catch up on a few letters which were sitting in my letter holder and I was able to post off four items of mail on Thursday, three of which have already reached their destinations, how exciting! I am now replying to the last letter in my pile and awaiting eighteen letters so hopefully they'll arrive soon. Here is was I received for the week June 10th to 15th...

1. A letter from one of my newest pals Nadia from America. This letter was sent during her time in England hence the English stamp. She designs her own paper, how cute is it?!
2. Nadia's envelope. I love this bird and cage detail, it has such a vintage vibe to it.
3. A letter from my pal Ragna from Germany. I was surprised that Jacek knew who Maya Die Biene was!

As this feature was quite short this week I wanted to show you some of my most recent letters being posted today.

1. My Australian pal Amy designs the most beautiful envelopes and I took inspiration for my envelope here from one of hers. The only difference is that I did a green postbox as ours are green here in Ireland. I'm really trying to be more creative with my envelopes so this is a start!
2. I used rubber stamps for the first time this week so here is my little cupcake along with my cupcake sticker from my Sweet Shop sticker collection.

I hope this week brings lots of pretty post!

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!



  1. Pen pal posts are my favorite! Love seeing all your mail!

  2. I love this post, Fifi!!! It is so cute, all of it and I am glad you enjoyed the birdie decor on the envelope I sent you! :) Your blog is so pretty!!!

  3. Ooh lovely pretty post xx

  4. I love these posts, the stationary is so cute x

  5. I haven't received a written letter in the post in years , what a great blog series .

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