Friday, June 07, 2013

Pretty Post #10 ♥

I'm back with another pretty post feature and I'm glad to report that I received three items of snail mail this week and all from really lovely friends of mine. I received no post on Monday as it was a bank holiday and Tuesday was a no post day too - boo-urns to that but on Wednesday I received a sweet letter from my fellow Irish friend. On Thursday I received a package from my gorgeous Finnish friend filled with goodies for Jacek, Tyler and I to enjoy along with a really lovely letter from her and today I received a letter from my dear friend in England. I'm now busy writing replies and I've four letters to reply to over the weekend, I'm really enjoying writing at the moment and that's great because sometimes the motivation for writing letters can be lost but it's great when that spark comes back. All in all it was a great post week and I love hearing from these girls once again! Let me show you what I received...

 photo 011_zps0755fd95.jpg
 photo Asta5_zps58d78199.jpg
 photo 0112_zps986c6cc0.jpg
 photo 010_zps546a02fd.jpg
 photo 013_zps7081735c.jpg
1. My letter from Bee. I love her creativity! She made the envelope and designed the paper herself, so pretty! These types of things really inspire me to be more creative.

2. My package from Asta. She sent Tyler a book with Finnish words inside and pictures, the jellies are for me and the tea is for Jacek, so kind of her!

3. I love the stamps Asta used, so pretty! From my experience Finland seems to have some of the nicest stamps in the world.

4. The Moomin tea! I think these look so cute.

5. My letter from Vicky. I don't know why but this paper reminds me of magic!

I wanted to share more elements to my snail mailing adventure with you all so today I decided to give you a look at my letter holder. I don't think it's actually used for letter holding, I think it's meant for napkins but I really love it! Anyone who knows me knows I love anything to do with angels so when I saw this I had to have it. It cost me just €4 from a shop in my town. It's really handy for holding the letters I need to reply to and it sits in my living room reminding me that I have these letters to reply to. I hope to have this empty by Monday!

 photo 015_zps6518e04a.jpg
 photo 017_zpsdf4d17de.jpg
Stay pretty people and pick up a pen! 



  1. What a great idea. I know I have some pretty paper and envelopes somewhere, I will have to dig them out and write to a couple of people. The only time I have sent mail in the past few years was to my daughter when she was still living in America. Usually if I saw a great English or Manchester post card I would send them to her, and occasionally letters. Email has spoilt us all for writing letters as we get instant, well same day usually, replies. But I will make a point to write some letters going forward. I love getting "real" mail, as opposed to bills and junk mail, so I would presume everyone enjoys getting a nice letter.
    Great post, thanks for the incentive!

  2. Finland always has such beautiful stamps!! Make me jealous because I had our Irish stamps, they are so boring! That moomin tea is sooo adorable! ^__^

  3. It's great to see that people are still writing letters. They all look so lovely.

  4. The envelopes & paper are so adorable, it must be such a joy to receive gorgeous letters like that! The moomins tea is beyond cute x


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