Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NOTD - Sally Hansen 'Thinking Of Blue' ♥

Hello dollies! I'm back with another nail post. I'm really enjoying doing my nails these days and find myself picking colours I wouldn't have looked twice at before. One colour which surprisingly caught my eye was this deep navy blue colour by Sally Hansen named 'Thinking Of Blue'. This is a high gloss polish as you can see from the pictures. The white sheen on my nails aren't chips, which they look like but are the results of light reflecting of the polish. I must say I love the colour range of Sally Hansen nail polish, I think this may be why they are the #1 selling nail brand in the U.S. This colour is beautiful but for me this polish has a major downfall, that being that it takes an age to dry. This is no good to me as a busy mother and while writing this post I can see that one of my nails has smudged quite badly and one has chipped already, I've only been wearing the polish for two hours! This is very annoying and such a shame as I was so impressed with the colour. This has really put me off using this polish again, I don't see the point in spending time doing my nails for them to be wrecked just two hours later, I could spend my time doing other things. So all in all Sally Hansen provides a pretty colour with no staying power.

Stay pretty people!



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