Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Healthy Living Adventure - Continued ♥

 I posted on my Facebook page today La Belle Dame Sans Merci about my recent weight loss and if people would be interested in reading about my weight loss adventure on my blog, surprisingly they were so from now on I shall post an update on my healthy living adventure every week, letting you know of any weight loss I have achieved and what I did to achieve it.

I had begun a healthy living adventure a couple of weeks back but am disappointed to admit that I went very slack with it all. I was doing so well, I even lost six pounds in four days but then I had a whole list of occasions to attend and the diet just went out the window. Last week I lost three pounds through no special diet or fitness regime, I just ate three healthy meals a day and cut out all the chocolate, jellies, etc. This spurred me to try and lose more this week and to go back on my high protein diet. I am now on day three. I am not sticking to a strict regime diet before but I am only eating foods that are high in protein - tuna, chicken, eggs. Every morning I have two hard boiled eggs for my breakfast followed by either five pieces of fresh fruit or tuna and two more hard boiled eggs for lunch and then roast chicken for dinner. This may sound boring to some people and quite hard to stick by but I'm finding it fine. I try to drink as much water as I can and I find that this is great for my skin and my overall feeling of well being.

As well as my diet I do twenty minute sessions on a crosstrainer. I like to push myself with this to see how far I can go. The crosstrainer is great for toning both arms and legs and I must admit I hated this machine before but now I love it, I guess I just needed to get used to it. I also work out daily to videos posted by Zuzana Light of BodyRockTV and I can't tell you how effect these are! I do her 'absolute beginners' course and after just two videos, six minutes long each I could feel the burn on my legs which let me know this exercise was working for me. Fair enough I was stiff in my legs the next day but I could get over that if I begin seeing results. These videos are fantastic as Zuzana guides you through each exercise doing it herself to show you how to do it correctly. They are simple and quick but effective and each video works on a different body area. The absolute beginners series has six videos, I usually do five out of the six and if I'm caught for time I just do videos one and two but I still get the feeling that I have worked my legs hard so that's great. I don't think I'll ever look as good as Zuzana Light but at least I'm trying! Zuzana actually has two YouTube channels, I think the one I follow was her first one, her second is more in depth and she shares recipes and more intense workouts. Below is the first video of the beginner series and the one I use to tone my links. If you subscribe to this channel you can follow all six videos. If you'd like to follow the ZuzkaLight channel then click here.

I hope on my weigh in day - Sunday, I can report some more weight loss to you and inspire you to begin your own healthy living adventure. 

Do you have any tips and tricks to lose weight and keep it off? If so please share in the comments section. I'd also be interested to read some posts on your diet and fitness plans so if you have any please leave a link.

Stay pretty people!


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