Friday, May 31, 2013

Tyler Lee's OOTD - Checks & Knits ♥

A rare occurrence in Ireland happened this week, the sun was shining and for more than one day too! It was quite warm and myself and my two boys were out the back enjoying the sun. This was the first week I put Tyler in one of his proper summer outfits, an adorable little short legged checked dungarees and white t-shirt combo, he looked so handsome! The dungarees is lovely light material with little wooden look buttons attached and a little chest pocket detail, so cute. I teamed the outfit with little white booties and a knitted baby blue cardigan which I love as the detail is just gorgeous on it. Tyler really enjoyed the sun shining down on him, it must be from being half South African! Although Tyler is the type of baby who loves wearing as less clothes as possible so maybe getting his legs out made him happy! Either way he was pulling silly faces, laughing and smiling all day out in the back garden. I hope we get more sunny days like this as I love dressing him in summer clothes rather than jeans and sleep suits for once. Plus sunny days make everyone happier and what could be better than that?
 photo ck_zps27c1696e.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay302013007_zps86cc3372.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay302013016_zps71290c33.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay302013013_zpsdefc5200.jpg
 photo JacekampTylerMay2013004_zps55f38003.jpg
Dungarees and t-shirt combo - Next 

Cardigan - Knit by a work colleagues mother 

Booties - Marks and Spencer 

Stay pretty people!



  1. Awwwww!!!! Tyne has a very similar pair of dungarees from Next but they're 0-3 and too big just yet, I hope he grows into them before the summer ends! (If it ever begins?! lol)

    I LOVE home knit items, its just so nice to have something that someone has knit by hand!

    Tyler is soooo cute! He looks like such a happy baby :)

    Sparkles &



  2. Look at that smile!)) Love Tyler's clothes especially his blue cardigan!xx

  3. that outfit is just too cute!
    Claudia @


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