Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tresses Thursday #5 - Hair Chalk ♥

 photo Hauls005_zps3deed34c-1_zps999b53ec.jpg
I had bought these hair chalks as part of my home and beauty haul a few weeks back and was excited to try them out. I didn't get the chance until yesterday as it was a bit quieter in my house with Tyler sleeping a lot, must have been the good weather making him lazy! These hair chalks were bought from Claire's Accessories and were only €1 each! I couldn't leave them behind for that price. They had four colours on offer yellow, orange, pink and mint green, I chose the latter two as they reminded me of a hair inspiration picture on Pinterest I loved of pink and mint green dip dyed ends on blonde hair - this was the look I tried to recreate. The hair chalks themselves were very simple to use, I just held the ends of the container and rubbed them on the hair. This process was quite messy though and required using a towel to collect the chalk particiles that went everywhere around my bedroom! I was hoping for a more vibrant colour but the chalk absorbs into the hair giving a more toned down look. I do love the effect it gave to the ends of my hair though, a perfect look for summer and a great one for festivals. This look reminds me somewhat of 1960's hippy style hair so I teamed it with a slight curl and plaits on the sides of my head to give a laid back, peace out look. I love it!

 photo 003_zpsf964aee5.jpg
 photo 010_zps5b0ea9ba.jpg
 photo 006_zps49063d73.jpg
 photo 004_zpsed29001d.jpg
 photo 018_zpsc8363fed.jpg
 photo DipDye_zps6999018f.jpg

Stay pretty people! 



  1. Such a cute style! It looks seriously amazing!x

    1. Thank you Millicent! I'm glad you like it :) xo

  2. Ahhh that looks so cute,I'd love to try them but I think my hair is too short! Really suits you. Now following.

    Hels XX

  3. Can't believe you got them for €1! I bought some on ebay, im going to have pink hair for the festivals this summer! xxxx

  4. I love this look, especially with the wavy hair. The color combination rocks!

  5. You looks so pretty >.<

  6. I have never heard of these before, I love the way it looks! I wonder if it would work on dark hair xx

  7. That looks amazing! I LOVE Pastel Dip Dyed hair! I wonder do Claire's still have those chalks, might have to pick some up for myself!

    Leanne x

  8. Really suits you! The mess is offputting but the effect still makes it tempting!

    Sparkles &



  9. This looks really great! I tried hair chalking with ordinary chalks but it ended horrible. I need to get these:)


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