Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tresses Thursday #4 Heavenly Hair Inspirations ♥

This week I have been lusting over a lot of hair pictures and have been inspired to try and create some of the looks that I see. Due to a lot of bad hairdresser experiences I have to admit that I am afraid of going to the hairdressers, going there is not a pleasant experience for me. The last time I went to the hairdresser I had the hair ripped out of my head as they used sticky covers for my full head of highlights instead of metal foil, least to say I have not been back! I also can't stand long nails digging into my scalp as they're washing my hair and the feeling that my neck is going to get stuck in those ridiculous basins they have. Since that horrific experience I have been dying my own hair and it's going well so far. I shall be picking up a new colour next week and getting my hair ready for the summer months, it has been far too limp and lifeless as of late. I would love full, bouncy, volumised locks but sadly I wasn't blessed with thick hair, instead I have very fine hair which is hard to tame at times as it's flat at the roots and wild at the ends.

The colour I am always trying to achieve but never seem to manage is a gorgeous carmel/golden blonde look which is a lot more demure than the bleach blonde I used to have.My hair always seems to come out a dark blonde after dying now and because brassy far too quickly even though I use silver shampoo and conditioner to try and combat this.

What would be your ideal hairstyle if you were brave enough to get it done or had the natural elements to achieve it already? For me it would be very long hair with a slight wave in it and dip dyed in a gorgeous colour. Last summer I saw an advertisement in a magazine of a girl with this 'rainbow' tipped hair and I absolutely loved it. I would love to get my hair done like this, if only it weren't for my hairdresser phobia! The hair I would love to sport in an ideal world would be a natural looking blonde colour on top with a rainbow effect ombre style on the ends. This would be the perfect summer hairstyle, I really want to give it a go. Of course, if I was very outgoing and brave I would sport a look like this gorgeous pastel rainbow colour mix pictured above all over my hair, why oh why am I not a teenager anymore, this would have been amazing!

 Pinterest has been my new obsession lately and I've been looking at hairstyles and gaining a lot of inspiration for looks I want to try out in the future. I can't believe how many beautiful hairstyles there are on Pinterest, simply amazing! Here are just a few of the stunning styles which were embedded into my mind this week.

I love the first picture and the experimentation of colour, it looks gorgeous, so very 'ice queen'. The second picture is of hair that I want so badly, imagine if your hair could just grow this length overnight, we'd all have gorgeous Rapunzel hair! The third picture reminds me of an era I love, the 1960's. It's so glamorous, perfect for a wedding or a very special occasion. Lastly, here is my rainbow obsession back in full force, I love the hippy type vibe this picture conjures up in my mind. All this hairstyle is short is a hairband made of daisies! I recently purchased some hair chalk in pink and mint green so I shall be try those out for next weeks Tresses Thursday post.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my hair heavenly hair inspirations, I really want to try some of these out and fingers crossed my hair grows multiple inches during the night! What would be your ideal hairstyle or do you already rock it?

Stay pretty people!

*All pictures courtesy of my Pinterest boards*



  1. I just got my hair colored! Luckily, I have an amazing hair stylist. My hair always comes out looking great and I've never had a bad experience with her. I really want to try red though but I don't know if I'd look good with red hair.

  2. pretty hair.. !! Wish I have one .. lol
    Thanks for sharing :)


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