Friday, May 31, 2013

Pretty Post #9 ♥

Another week more pretty post! This week I had post from a mixture of old and new pals and two of whom who I've met in person - amazing! I received post on four days this week and was so happy to hear from everyone. I've also made new pals with two fellow bloggers this week and am waiting to hear from them, I can't wait to get their letters and begin our snail mail friendship. Let me show you what I received...

 photo Bine2_zps2589be36.jpg
 photo Marion2_zps85f008af.jpg
 photo Marion2Gift_zps45fea6c7.jpg
 photo Anna4_zpsb6c9cf9c.jpg
 photo Tina_zps2061f2f9.jpg
 photo TinaGifts_zpsa15e5844.jpg
1. A letter from one of my oldest pals Sabine from Austria who I met last summer.

2. A letter from my dear pal Marion from France, she also sent me some gorgeous lace effect nail wraps from Sephora. I wish we had Sephora in Ireland.

3. The stunning nail wraps.

4. A letter from one of my newest pals Anna who is Polish but lives in England. Anna features on my Pretty Post segment a lot!

5. A letter, biscuits and some souvenirs from my sweet pal Tina from Germany. I also met Tina last summer when she visited Cork.

I hope next week brings more pretty post for me to share with you all!

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!



  1. Good to see other people are penpals, I have about 15 penpals xx

  2. I'd really love to get back into writing letters, there's something so exciting about receiving post! Can I ask how you started writing to your penpals?
    Erin x

  3. Oh I LOVE this post! I haven't had a penpal since I was 10! Your penpals have beautiful handwriting, mine is like a doctor's scrawl..! xx


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