Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pretty Post #8 ♥

It has been eight weeks since I began this feature and I hope people are enjoying it. I'm always so nosey when it comes to the post and what people receive so if you have or know of anyone who has a blog dedicated to all things snail mail then please send me the link, I'd be ever so grateful! I'm glad to say that this week was much better in terms of quantity of post, I received post on four days. I even got a surprise box full of goodies from my doll of a friend in America. I hope next week brings a lot more pretty post as I have only two replies to write and then I am up to date again, I love being so organised and punctual. Anyway, let me show you what I received...

 photo 001_zps8ca325b3.jpg  photo 004_zpsbcc8600a.jpg  photo 006_zpsaa323433.jpg  photo 007_zpsed9577bf.jpg  photo 002_zps69a329ee.jpg  photo 003_zps42d92d18.jpg 1. A postcard from my dear friend Tina from Germany. She sent me this card from Crete where she was on holiday and where I shall be going on holiday in six weeks!

2. A box of goodies from my doll Shauntella from America. This was a surprise! 

3. The contents from Shauntella's surprise box to me. There were jellies but they didn't make it to the photo, too yummy to resist! I just love the Marilyn Monroe t-shirt and I can't wait to try out the nail wraps. I also love the baby gro's for Tyler Lee, there is a third but he wore it already so it's in the wash. 

4. A letter from my old pal Tanja from Germany along with a postcard from her trip to Verona, Italy. 

5. My third letter from the lovely Asta from Finland complete with Moomin tea. I love how Asta always decorates her envelopes, really pretty post!

6. The two Moomin teas!

It's safe to say I was spoilt this week for sure! I really love surprises so I am overjoyed by Shauntella's box of goodies. It was lovely to hear from all these gorgeous ladies this week and I hope to hear from them all again soon. Replies are in progress!

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!



  1. Such lovely mail!!!
    Where do you find your penpals from?

    Sparkles &



  2. I love seeing other people's mail! I've been writing to penpals since I was 9 years old.

  3. I love seeing other people's mail. I've been writing to penpals forever!


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