Sunday, May 05, 2013

Pretty Post #5 ♥

Another week, more pretty post, this equals for a very happy Fiona! I received four items of post this week from Australia, Ireland, America and Finland from four lovely ladies. I took on some new pals recently as some of my older pen pals had unfortunately given up snail mailing for good, something which I could never contemplate doing as I am such a writing/letter addict. I'm so glad that my new pals have made such a great effort for me and have been replying so quickly, it's amazing. My replies have been slower this week and I haven't been writing as much as I'd like as I have been so busy, next week shall be dedicated to catching up with my replies. Let me show you my pretty post for April 29th to May 3rd...

1. My first letter from the lovely Amy from Australia. How cute is this envelope, it reminds me of Cath Kidston designs! This was the longest letter I have received all year. She also send me this lovely bird postcard. I'm halfway through my reply for her so hopefully I get it done this week and can send it on its way to Australia.

2. A letter from my dear Corina, aka Sunny Fields from California. I was so happy to hear from her again, she is my oldest pal, we shall be writing to each other four years this August. This letter was returned to her for 5cent extra postage, I couldn't believe it, 5cent!

3. My second letter from the beautiful Asta from Finland. I loved this letter and the little Moomin chocolates she sent me. This is the second letter Asta has sent me with a Moomin item, so sweet!

4. A surprise from my friend Bee who is also from Ireland. Bee is always so thoughtful and this package was no exception she sent some gifts and a card for Tyler's christening which was yesterday. How adorable is this comforter?! She also bought him a material book from Disney all about Thumper and his sisters, it's so sweet. This was such a great book as I have been wanting to get Tyler some books for reading to him at bedtime. I know he is only eleven weeks old but I shall be starting him young with this type of routine.

Thank you so much to everyone for their beautiful and thoughtful post to me this week. I have the most wonderful pals, I couldn't ask for better.

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!

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