Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NOTD - Kiss 'Party Girl' Nail Wraps ♥

 photo 022_zps4025c5a2.jpg
I was sent this nail wraps by Kiss in 'Party Girl' by my lovely friend and pen pal Shauntella last week and I just had to try them out. I had never used nail wraps before so this was an experience! This is also the reason why these aren't looking as perfect as they could be! It was hard finding sizes to match my nails as I've quite dainty hands with long, thin oval nails so I used a scissors and a nail file to bring these down to size. I love the colourful design of these nail wraps, for me they're perfect for a summer inspired nail look, the black with the neon colours looks great. I was expecting these to feel uncomfortable on my nails but I don't even realise they're on there, just like polish. I love these and can't wait to show them off. I'm becoming a real fan of all things to do with nails these days, my nails have never seen this much love before!

 photo 026_zps873e0ac7.jpg
 photo 023_zpsb2c4e86a.jpg
 photo 027_zpsffca420c.jpg
 photo 019_zps87fea65e.jpg
 Stay pretty people! 



  1. I thought you'd painted these before I read the post, I was about to bow down to you and your nail art skills! :p

  2. These are sooo funky! I brought myself some from boots ages ago and got so annoyed half way through doing them as I found it hard to get to grips with cutting them to my size. Yours look good tho!xxx


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