Saturday, May 25, 2013

MAC 'Creme De La Femme' ♥

Creme De La Femme is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks of all time. It has a gorgeous glossy pink tone that shimmers on the lips. This lipstick is highly moisturising, an aspect that I love as I find that other MAC dry out my lipsticks a lot forcing me to wear Labello with them. Creme De La Femme is part of the Frost collection by MAC and really is a great colour for people who prefer a more natural looking lip colour. Creme De La Femme is my go to lipstick colour, it looks stunning with different eye makeup and blush colours and compliments any look perfectly. I never hear or see people speak or write about Creme De La Femme that often, I think, as it is a similar shade to 'Angel' that that tends to be more popular but I really do love this lipstick and it, along with 'Snob' are the two MAC lipsticks I repurchase over and over again.

 photo CremedelaFemme_zps8ec839d9.jpg
 photo CremedelaFemme2_zpscd77b67b.jpg
 photo CremedelaFemme3_zps740efd8b.jpg
Creme De La Femme is long lasting, something which I love as so many lipsticks are too quick to transfer and fade away these days. If I wear this lipstick I don't need to worry about reapplying which is great. I think Creme De La Femme is a shade which can be worn all year long and suits a lot of skin tones. If you're looking for a pretty coloured lipstick which you can wear on a daily basis then Creme De La Femme is worth a go! 

Stay pretty people! 



  1. Loved the colour! It's really pretty!

  2. It's a gorgeous shade! I've never heard of this shade name xx

    Gemma | ♥

  3. Can you believe I have never tried MAC?? I need to change that! LOL
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    Isabelle Thornton


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