Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gummee Glove ♥

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A lady in my pregnancy group told us all about a product which she had gotten for her daughter, Gummee Glove, a product to help teething babies and one to stop babies generally chewing the hand off themselves. When she uploaded a picture of her daughter with the Gummee Glove for us all to see I decided that I needed to get Tyler one. He is only thirteen weeks old at the moment but is teething, he has a tooth coming through on the bottom gum on the left hand side and is in a lot of pain with it all. I decided to get him the Gummee Glove as he constantly has his hands in his mouth and I though the Gummee Glove could offer him some relief from the pain as well as being a fun toy for him to play with and explore. I was drawn to the Gummee Glove as it is perfect for Tyler, he is too young to be able to hold a teething ring himself so the Gummee Glove was the perfect product for him as it simply is placed on the hand, closed with a velcro strip and allows the baby to use as freely as they wish. The Gummee Glove can be used on babies from three months of age and I bought Tyler's when he was twelve weeks old. The glove itself has many different protrusions a baby can enjoy getting stuck into, three colourful rubber paddles with dots and waves on them, a water filled teething ring which is adjustable, crinkle paper for noise and two taggies. The Gummee Glove is yellow in colour and you can choose either a pink or blue teething ring, I chose blue for my boy. The glove also comes with a machine washable bag, handy for storing the glove and for bringing it on journeys so it doesn't get dirty. The Gummee Glove has already won awards such as 'Product of the Month', 'Mumpreneur of the Year' and was seen in Vogue Magazine! The Gummee Glove is sure to be a product loved by both parents and babies through the stressful teething process. 

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Tyler is only thirteen weeks old so he is still quite awkward in his movements and sometimes finds it hard to position the glove properly to get the different parts in his mouth. He sometimes uses his other hand to keep the glove in place, as seen in the last picture here. As he gets older I'm sure he'll become used to where all the different bits are on the glove. His favourite bit on it is the yellow paddle, he must love the colour. I sometimes take the glove off his hand and place it up to his mouth allowing him to comp on the teething ring, something he gets great comfort in. The Gummee Glove really is a great product and comes everywhere with Tyler and I. We'd be lost without it now.

I bought my Gummee Glove from an Irish stockist Hey Baby (sadly they are no longer trading). The glove was €14.99, €20.99 with delivery and the service was great, the glove arrived two days later by registered post.

I would recommend this product to any parent with a teething baby or a parent whose baby is not yet teething but who loves to chew on their hands, I find it both great as a teething aid and as a fun toy for the baby.



  1. My daughter really need this, if my country sell this product, my daughter constantly put hands over her mouth and bit, very tiring forbid doing that.
    I was afraid her hands hurt, because usually after bitten her finger to be flushed and cause large bumps :(

    1. I have an order to them, thank you for writing about it so that I can find a solution for my little girl :)

    2. You're very welcome Winda, thanks for reading. I hope it helps your daughter xo

  2. Aww this is such a great idea!

  3. This sounds great! How did you know Tyler was teething?
    I sometimes wonder if Tyne might be cutting teeth early but he's only 9 weeks and everyone tells me thats too young!

    Sparkles &




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