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Essential Care - Organic Repair Lotion & Organic Soothing Salve ♥

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I had been having a bit of a crisis as of late, Tyler had perfect, baby soft skin all over his body except for one vital area - his face. I had used every cream under the sun to try and relieve the dry skin he had on his cheeks, forehead and chin area but nothing was working, even Bepathen Extra Sensitive Moisturiser didn't work and I foolishly thought that worked for every skin problem! I put out a message on Twitter asking if anyone knew of any products which could relieve dry skin and that were suitable to use on a baby's face. One lovely lady named Kirsty told me she would be happy to send me some products from the company she worked for, Essential Care and I was delighted when they arrived.

Essential Care is a family run skincare company based in England. Their mission is to "make the purest skincare on Earth". The formulae of Essential Care products are still handmade by Margaret, the founder, who began making skincare suitable for sensitive skin when she could not find products suitable for her own and her family's very sensitive and eczema prone skin. I love the back story of Essential Care, it just gives the impression that each of their products is lovingly made and full of goodness for those with extra sensitive skin. All of Essential Care's ingredients are plant derived except for the emulsifier beeswax which just proves that their products are all natural and something I was very happy to use on Tyler's skin. I also love the fact that their products are not tested on animals, as I get older this ethos of brands becomes more and more important to me. The Essential Care baby range is award winning and are soil association certified.

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Kirsty sent me two products from the Essential Care baby range. Firstly was the Organic Repair Lotion (we love using organic products like this list of natural and organic cleansers), a 'theraputic blend including aloe vera, calendula, chamomile and unrefined shea butter to aid the repair of itchy, irritated and allergy-prone skin'. I have been using this product now on Tyler's face for over a week and I have seen a fast improvement in the dryness of his skin. His cheeks have gone back to being beautifully baby soft and the flaky dry skin he had on his eyebrows had gone. He still has some dryness in the middle of his forehead but I'm hoping another week of using this product will get rid of that for good. 

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The Organic Repair Lotion is a yellow coloured lotion with a sweet smell. It blends into the skin easily and does not leave any residue upon the skin. The container has a handy pump for dispensing the amount of lotion you need. I apply this to Tyler's face every morning and every night before he goes to bed and I'm so glad it's working for him. It retails for £12 for a 75ml container and is worth every penny! I shall be purchasing this product once it is gone as I think it's fantastic.

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Secondly, I was sent the Organic Soothing Salve which has 'unredfined shea butter and bio-active chamomile herb to protect baby's delicate nappy area from dampness and soothe away any minor soreness'. This is a fabulous product, the salve itself is so easy to use and a little bit goes a long way as it melts into the baby's skin so easily. I have been using this on Tyler's nappy area for over a week now and the redness he had there is all gone. I apply this anytime he has a nappy change and it has been so affective to his skin. Other products such as Sudocream, Bepathen and talcum powder did not get rid of the minor red areas he had but the Organic Soothing Salve worked straight away and his relieved his skin of any soreness. This product is £18 for a 20g tub and can be used from birth onwards for dry skin, massage and the treatment of cradle cap. This is also a product I will be purchasing once the tub is gone. I believe when it comes to your baby once you find something that works you want to stick with it.

The next item from Essential Care that I have my eye on is the Organic Baby Gift/Travel Set which includes five full size products. This will be perfect as I am planning a lot of day trips this summer with my fiance and Tyler so it will be great to have these products and hand and in the changing bag for future use when out and about.

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These products are approved by Tyler Lee and he's happy to have his gorgeous baby soft skin back! Thank you to Kirsty and the Essential Care team for making such wonderful products for babies. If you would like to view Essential Care's products then click here - Essential Care Website.


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