Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A-DERMA Sensifluid Makeup Remover ♥

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If you're like me and wear a lot of eye makeup, foundations, blush and lipstick on a daily basis then I can guarantee you'll love this product to get it all of easily and without hassle. A-DERMA Sensifluid Makeup Remover was sent to me my by Danish friend in a beauty box swap and I held off using it until my Elizabeth Arden Eye and Lip Makeup Remover was gone. A-DERMA Sensifluid Makeup Remover is a clear, odourless liquid which to me has the consistency of a good toner. 

I applied this product to a cotton pad and swiped it over my face, my foundation came off very easily along with my blush and lip colour. I spent a bit of extra time on my eyes trying to get the mascara off as my current mascara, Benefit's 'They're Real!' is very heavy duty and can be a pain to remove at times. I was happy to see that after a good couple of swipes all my eye makeup was gone. The real test for makeup removers for me is to see if any residue of mascara or eyeliner appears under my eyes in the morning, I was delighted to see that there were no panda eyes confirming my love for A-DERMA Sensifluid Makeup Remover. I have since used up all of this product and am in the process of getting a new one. It really is a fabulous product and has cemented itself firmly as part of my makeup removing/skin cleansing routine. 

 Stay pretty people!


  1. This sounds like a lovely product. x

    1. It really is, it's great to go to bed knowing all your makeup has been removed instead of panda eyes in the morning xo


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