Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tresses Thursday #3 - Hairstyle Nostalgia ♥

I decided to do something different for this post and show you all some of my favourite hairstyles from my past, there have been many! When I reached my teens I began to experiment with duo tone colours, hair extensions and other styling techniques, I must say I am a dab hand with a GHD! This post will also give me a good insight into which style/colours you think suit me better. I'm in need of a hair revamp so hopefully you lovely people can help me come to a decision on what look I should go for. I have always been blonde apart from one month in my life where I went brown, never again, it really didn't suit me. I would love to be a red head someday but I don't know if I'd be brave enough to take the plunge!

As you can see from the pictures I've tried a lot of different looks, some of them similar but with slightly different twists. In the first picture I'm sporting one of my favourite hair looks ever, a natural looking blonde colour with pink ends. I achieved the pink end look by investing in some pink hair extensions which were only €10, I loved the outcome of this look but I don't think it's something I could wear everyday now at the age of 22.  The second picture is another of of my favourite hairstyles, I love the wavy/curly look which was achieved by using a lot of texturising mousse. I'm not so sure about the duo tone colour in my hair though, the brown tends to go a bit green coloured after awhile due to the lime in the water in my hometown. I love how shiny my hair always seems to be though, that's hard to achieve on blonde hair sometimes. The third picture is from my graduation and I went for a Californian beach wave type look. My hair was really bleached blonde at this stage with a brown undertone. I used extensions for length as I think waves look so much better on longer hair, unfortunately as my hair is so fine they began to fall out throughout the course of the day, I think this added to the beach swept look even more though! In the final picture I have a bronze coloured blonde in my hair, no extensions and my hair has had a once over with the GHD. This has to be one of the most natural looks I've ever had and I must admit I do quite like it in this picture, the tanned skin may be swaying my opinion though!

In the first picture here I discovered backcombing, a technique which I actually find very hard to do, my hair never seems to stay in place for long, even with a can of hairspray worked into it. I like my side fringe look though, although lately I have really wanted a blunt fringe a la Taylor Swift, I've been told that it wouldn't look good on me though, what do you think? The second picture I like to call my Farrah Fawcett hair. I like creating these spiral curls with the GHD and find them really easy to do. My hair was a slightly darker blonde at this time too. In the third picture I've gone back to ice blonde with highlights and no extensions which give for a more natural look. The final picture I had to but in for a bit of light-hearted fun as this was one of my biggest hair disasters! I decided that I wanted white hair - don't ask, so I put cream peroxide in my hair. The top was white and the bottom and underneath of my hair was this horrible yellow colour, never again! I look like a ghost or something, but every girl has had at least one hair disaster in her life right, so why not share?! What has been your biggest hair disaster?

So lovely ladies, I would like your honest opinion, which hairstyle and colour tone do you think suits me best? I really want to complete my revamp before my baby arrives as I don't envisage myself having much time for my hair after his arrival. 

Next week I shall have a video tutorial on how I do my GHD spiral curl style.

Stay pretty!



  1. I love the bleach blond on you!! Curls look very good on you as we'll!! Fun post dear!!
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