Monday, April 08, 2013

My Healthy Living Adventure - Day #1 ♥

I posted on Saturday about my new healthy living adventure and what my goals were, which you can read all about here - My Healthy Living Adventure Begins. Yesterday I had my pre-diet day where I got my body into the routine of eating less and seeing if I could handle going without my beloved chocolate, it was hard but I did it! I ate on four separate occasions yesterday and I'm pleased to say I didn't feel hungry even though what I ate was not what my diet would normally consist of. Today I am down to three meals, if I can call them that. I shall be on a high protein diet for a week and shall report any weight loss next Monday. The great thing about the diet I have chosen is that the meal plan varies everyday so I don't feel as though I am depriving myself, the food I am eating would not be what I would normally chose but it is healthy. Here is my plan for today, breakfast has already been consumed!

 1 Slice of Dry Toast and grilled Tomatoes

Any amount of fresh fruit

2 Hard Boiled Eggs, Salad and Grapefruit

The diet rules state that if you don't like something on the menu you don't substitute it for something else, you simply go without. Also, out of the allowed drinks the only thing I drink is water so that shall be my best friend for the week, I think it's safe to say that my skin will be looking amazing after eight pints of water a day! Yesterday I had the dry toast minus the tomatoes and four pieces of fruit for my lunch and I wasn't hungry at all so I hope today will be the same.

The weather yesterday was horrible so I didn't get to do my long walk and it looks as if that will be the case today as well so I shall be doing a longer workout at home. I think once day three comes I shall be fantasising about all the foods I can't eat but I am determined to keep going with this, wish me luck!

Stay pretty people!



  1. Good luck :) xx

  2. OMG hun, mind yourself, that doesn't sound like a very healthy diet, not nearly enough calories. You'll be weak especially while looking after a baby. I've done loads of horrible diets liek this and I'm always starving and end up binge eating! Little bit of chocolate everyday is no harm and lots of healthy food throughout the day. And I find if I have a really big breakfast and good sized lunch, I pick and eat less in the evening x


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