Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Makeup Tag - Marilyn Monroe ♥

Hello dollies! As you all probably know by now I take part in a weekly makeup tag over at Aqeela's Blog
I enjoy doing this so much every week, it's great fun to get a theme and go creative with it. One of the themes was Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup. Unfortunately from my research I found out that the lovely lady only had one signature look which she wore endlessly so this tag didn't give much leeway for creativity but it was fun nonetheless.

From my research it seems that Miss Monroe had two signature elements to her makeup, one being the bold red lip and the second being eyeliner on the top lash line.

I first used L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation to give my face a lovely dewy glow. For anyone who is looking for a foundation which will last ages then check out Lumi Magique, I have been using this for awhile now and the bottle seems to be never ending! I then began focusing on Marilyn's simple eye look which involved covering the eyelid and brow bone in a white eye shadow to create a highlighted look to the eye area. I used the white shadow from my Lancome palette. I then used GOSH liquid eyeliner to create a semi-thick line over the top lash line, extending the liner out beyond the ends of the eyelid to created a flicked look. Marilyn was a fan of fake eyelashes but since I had none I used Benefit 'They're Real!' mascara to achieve the elongated eyelash look for show stopping eyes. I then framed my eyes by darkening my eyebrows with my MAC 'dirty blonde' pencil but I found this quite difficult as I have hardly any eyebrows and they're quite short. I would love to get HD brows, I must look into it!

I finished the look by applying Lancome blush in 'Peach Fever Shimmer' as it has a lovely peach tone with gold flickers running through it, perfect for achieving a romantic and feminine look. For the bold red lip I used the original Labello to moisturise the lip and then applied MAC lipstick in 'Lady Bug' on top of it to create a nice glossy lip rather than a matte look. I love the colour of this lipstick, it's vary daring. I completed the look by applying Marilyn's signature beauty spot with some of my GOSH liquid eyeliner. 

The look isn't as beautiful as Marilyn's but I tried my best. I actually found it quite tricky as I am used to bolder looks but this is quite a nice, simple, pin up style look. As you can see I tried to give my hair some Marilyn-esque loving but it turned into more of a 1970's wave rather than old Hollywood glam! Are you a fan of this look?

I love this picture of Marilyn, she looks so relaxed, carefree and beautiful, plus the quote is totally true.

Stay pretty people!



  1. Aww I love Marilyns look, so timeless! I think you did a good job! I love the eyeliner

    Sparkles &



  2. I really liked the look, you did a great job with making sure the eyes and lips were balanced out. ~Now following gfc from the GFC bloghop!

    Townhouse Palette

  3. Loved this tag and look. You look amazing:-)


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