Friday, May 24, 2013

MAC 'Lady Bug' ♥

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I had never been a massive fan of red lipstick until recently, to me it had always been a trademark of a 'sex siren' look, one which I was not brave enough to try out, preferring to go with a more demure pastel pink shade. However, these days I find myself experimenting more and more with different and brighter shades of lipstick, leaving behind my old favourites and discovering new and gorgeous shades. For me the bold red lip has now turned into a symbol of old Hollywood glamour and elegance, yet I still find it quite daring to wear at times. Luckily for everyone, however, red lipsticks go with a whole variety of skin and hair colours making it a very easy colour for people to wear. I especially love it with dark chocolate brown or blonde hair colours.
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I've been a fan of MAC lipsticks for a long time now, you can say I'm a bit of a MAC addict and have begun my own little collection of them. I decided recently to buy a red shade as bright red and pink lips are going to be a big thing for spring/summer 2013 and I was enticed by 'Lady Bug' which is a Lustre lipstick. Not only did the cute name appeal to me but the stunning, bright red shade also appealed to my eye. The pigment of this lipstick is fantastic and it just glides onto the lips leaving a lovely, bright red hue which is very eye catching and striking. 'Lady Bug' seems to have a hint of orange in it also when applied to the lip making it a very uinque and sweet colour. Another great element to the MAC lipsticks that I love is the sweet vanilla smell they have, almost makes the product good enough to eat and Lady Bug smells divine. 'Lady Bug' gives a hint of drama to any makeup look.

I sometimes find MAC lipsticks to be quite dehydrating to my lips even though they're supposed to have moisturising properties, therefore I use the original Labello under mine which not only nourishes the lips and avoids them going dry throughout the day but also gives my lipstick a lovely glossy look too.

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If you're looking for a lovely red lipstick with great pigment that can be worn throughout the day but also into the night then 'Lady Bug' is the perfect shade for you. Next I would love to try a totally new MAC shade so if you have any recommendations please leave them below.

Stay pretty people!



  1. Oooh this really suits you!

    I love red lipstick but I can't pull it off, I always just look like my lips are bleeding! :/

    Sparkles &



  2. Such a cute name.. I love it xx

  3. Hi there. I'm following you back from GA - USA. I am very honored to have you on my blog and from Ireland. WOW....that's so far away from where I am. :D Have a great day/night.

  4. Hi, I'm visiting & following from the GFC Blog Hop!

    I need to get my hands on this color.

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Misfit Librarian


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