Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Benefit 'Stay Don't Stray' Eye Shadow Primer ♥

Hello dollies! I wanted to write a review on a product which I have begun using only very recently as I had won a mini sized product of it through a competition, that is Benefit's 'Stay Don't Stray' eye shadow primer. I must admit that before I began blogging about all things beauty I had never used a primer before, let alone one that is specifically for keeping eye shadows in place. It's fair to say I was a novice but at least you can be guaranteed that my review shall be truthful and based on my new primer adventures!

If you follow my 'Face of the Day' or makeup tag posts I'm sure you'll notice that I wear a good amount of eye shadows. I like to experiment with different shades, blending and duo eye tones so it's important for my shadows to look just right. I had always hated the crease which appeared after I had worn my shadows for more than four hours and it even came to a point where I would find myself smoothing the crease over with my finger tip when out in public with no brushes on me. I was looking for something to banish these horrible creases forever.

I had been told about Urban Decay's eye shadow primer by a fellow blogger who swore it was her all time favourite product so I began looking into buying it. However, when I won the Benefit 'Full Glam Ahead' set and noticed that an eye shadow primer was included I decided to wait and see how effective the 'Stay Don't Stray' was for me first as these days I'm becoming a massive Benefit fan.

When I first wore the primer I was delighted with the results. I applied three dots of the primer onto my eyelids and smoothed over with my finger tips, therefore the application is very simple. The primer has a lovely, almost powder like texture and it stuck to my eyelids very well over my foundation. I then applied my eye shadow and set about my day. I was very happy to notice that eight hours later my eye shadow had not creased as it usually does so it was safe to say that the product worked really well for me. I also noticed that the primer made my shadows stand out more and appear more vibrant, fantastic for me as I love to wear bright coloured shadows.

When my 'Stay Don't Stray' mini is gone I am definitely going to invest in a larger sized version of the product. I love finding products which do the job they're supposed to and not need constant topping up throughout the day. My eye shadows actually stay put now and have that fresh faced look for hours on end, fantastic for when you have busy days and no time to constantly check yourself in the mirror. 

The only downside to this product for me is the price. At €27 a pop it is quite expensive, although I do know that I will get the use out of it. Have you ever used Benefit's 'Stay Don't Stray'? Were you impressed with the results?

Stay pretty people!

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  1. I did use it once (I got a sample) and liked it, however not enough to justify the price!

    1. I get you, Benefit is so expensive, makeup should be free ;)

  2. I've also never tried an eyeshadow primer and keep meaning to treat myself to the Urban Decay one as its so popular.
    This one sounds very effective though!

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