Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tyler Lee - One Month Old ♥

On February 16th I gave birth to my handsome baby boy Tyler Lee. He is the best thing that ever happened to me, the saying is true, you never know what true love is until you have a child. He was actually a month old last week but with the busy weekend I had I didn't get a chance to blog so today is the update post. This past month has been amazing! Tyler Lee and I have been getting to know each other. I now know his little quirks, his personality, facial expressions, what he wants and when he wants it, motherhood is such an adventure. We've already shared some special occasions together in this first month, I had my first birthday as a mammy on March 9th and the day after was our first Mother's Day together, that weekend was so special to me. On March 17th was his first St. Patrick's Day so we dressed him up to embrace one of his three nationalities, the other two being Polish and South African. 

Tyler Lee's appearance has changed so much in the past four weeks. He was born with a head of hair but even since then is seems to grow like wildfire and is now down the nape of his neck, I'll be tying it in a ponytail next! The bloodshot bruising on his eye has now healed, the perils of a vacuum birth. He is so big and tall, to me he looks more like a three month old than a one month old. Since he was nine days old he's been able to lift his head up by himself, he is so strong and agile. Getting to know my baby boy has been the most wonderful thing in the world. I'm so looking forward to the months and years to come, I just know we'll have a very happy life filled with the most special memories. I love my little bunny so much.

Stay pretty people!

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  1. Awww your both stunners! He is gonna be a heartbreaker when he's bigger ;) DOnt they grow so fast?!! x


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