Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nails Of The Day - Ciaté Velvet Manicure ♥

Hello dollies! I received another birthday gift today, this time from my wonderful friend Marion from France. She went to Sephora and picked me up Ciaté's Velvet Manicure. I loved the colour of this polish and the effect which the velvet textured powder gave to my nails when first applied. However, I found after awhile the effect because quite ragged looking and every bit of fluff from clothing, etc stuck to the surface of my nails, not very practical or attractive! Also, when applying the velvet textured powder to my nails the dispenser kept on getting clogged and in the end I had to remove the top of the container, Marion also reported this problem. Overall I love the colour of the nail polish so I think I'll wear it again but this time without the velvet effect. I know I'm defeating the purpose of this product by doing that but c'est la vie! Here are the results of my velvet manicure, let me know what you think.

Stay pretty people!



  1. Love the texture and color! Great pick and lovely blog :)
    I found you through Aloha bloghop and following you via GFC.
    Hope you have a time to come visit my blog as well :)


  2. I got this one for Christmas, still haven't tried it out yet so I'm happy to see some pictures of it. It definitely looks interesting!


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