Friday, March 29, 2013

LUSH - 'Space Girl' Bath Bomb ♥

Hello dollies! For my 23rd birthday my fiance Jacek took me to Cork City for a spot of shopping. We went to a shop which we rarely get a chance to go to but one I love to go to and see the new products they have to offer, this shop is LUSH. I had wanted to get Jacek a bath bomb to relax after work but he ended up getting me one instead, Space Girl. He picked this one out for me as the glitter captured his eye. I had a bath with this last night and was so relaxed after it that I actually fell asleep in the bath! The bath bomb itself is a lilac colour with glitter sprinkled throughout. I can't say exactly what the scent of the bath bomb is but it's so calming. A great feature to this bath bomb is that it contains popping candy so it pops in the water and you can actually here it crackling, cool right? The bath bomb fizzed up and turned the bath water a light purple colour but I was disappointed that it didn't have any bubbly loveliness as I tend to be a bubble addict when having a bath or shower, the more the better in my opinion! I'm looking forward to trying out more bath bombs from what LUSH have to offer soon as I was relaxed after this one so it definitely did its job.

Stay pretty people and have a relaxing bath!



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