Tyler Lee & Beau

 My handsome little boy Tyler Lee came into the world in February 2013. He arrived right on time on his due date and after thirty-one long, painful and almost delirious hours he was in my arms. My blog used to be mainly about beauty reviews and makeup looks but I just can't help sharing my adorable little boy with the world.

Tyler Lee loves to smile, this is the reason behind his nickname - Tyler Smiler. He is a happy, playful and curious little boy who loves cuddles, sitting on his mammy's lap and sleeping, he just can't get enough sleep!

Tyler Lee helps me with product reviews and even does a bit of modelling with his 'outfit of the day' series. My posts about Tyler Lee and parenting can be found at the links below -

Tyler Lee's OOTD
Tyler Lee
Baby Products
Baby Boy
Baby Clothes



  1. i'm loving your blog!! thank you for all the great comments and giveaways!

    1. I'm glad you're liking it Natasha and best of luck in the giveaways if you enter! xo

  2. He is such a beautiful little boy with a precious smile. And I love his curls! What an exciting time you're about to have celebrating his first birthday ... it will be a day you'll remember your entire life!

  3. Just discovered your blog - my boy is called Tyler too! We got good taste :-)
    Sabrina x


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