Thursday, March 01, 2018

Our First Ever Snow Day ♥

Yesterday we had an absolutely lovely experience as a family - our first ever snow day! Now I know that snow days may not be anything special to those who frequently get snow each winter, but in our part of Ireland it never snows and if it does it's only a dusting which melts in about half an hour. I'm almost 28 and I have never seen snow like this. My mother told me that we hadn't had anything like this in our part of Ireland since 1982 - long before I was thought of!

Yesterday was different though, it properly snowed and was quite deep too. It was a strange sort of day... we all woke quite late (almost eight o' clock) and when I looked out the window I gasped, there was white everywhere and everything was so still as no cars were on the roads. Usually at this time everything is a hustle and bustle as people are busy going to school and work, but not yesterday.

After breakfast I bundled the boys up in their new all-in-one suits from Finnish brand Reima. These really couldn't have come at a better time and they kept the boys warm and their clothes completely dry underneath as they played in the snow.

The boys took great delight in going down the extra-slippery, snow covered slides and Beau was shoveling up the snow with his digger toys. He also insisted I take the Radio Flyer wagon out of the playhouse and pull him around in it - honestly, if you're looking for a non-toy birthday gift for your child I highly recommend a wagon.

Ever since we got it for Tyler for his third birthday, both boys have had nothing but fun with it. This is the one we have and the boys can't get enough of it.

Tyler wasn't a huge fan of the snow. He did like the novelty of it and me chasing him with snowballs, but other than that he wasn't a real fan of the cold, flitting in and out to it throughout the day.

Beau on the other hand would have stayed out in the snow all day had I let him. I was really surprised but he absolutely loved it - as you can see by the smile on his little face!

When Jacek got home from work he built a snowman with the boys - Beau was crying because he wanted to play with the big ball of snow! We then retreated indoors for hot chocolate and warm food in front of the fire and after a warm, bubbly bath the boys slept soundly for the night.

Although I'm more than ready for spring to arrive (it is March 1st after all!), it as so lovely to wake up to a winter wonderland and experience the cosy and calming feeling that only a cold winters day can bring.

Just because it's meant to be spring but it actually looks and feels like winter, I just had to capture a picture of Tyler with some flowers in the snow.


  1. I have't seen snow like this since I was little. When it did come back then, Me and my sister used to be outside all day. My kids are not used to it and keep coming back in the house to warm up, before going back out again. #MyFamilyAdventures

  2. Bundled up all cosy and enjoying the snow - a lovely sight. There is something about a snow day that brings joy out in people (okay... well not all people, but y'know what I mean). #MyFamilyAdventures

  3. Must say that you take the most wonderful pictures, these are lovely x

  4. They look like they are having the best time ever, it was amazing snow wasn't it? Thanks for joining us #MyFamilyAdventures

  5. It's lovely that your children got to experience snow and you have photos of them in action. #MyFamilyAdventures


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