Saturday, November 19, 2016

Beau Samuel James | 6 Months Old ♥

My little Beauzie Boozie, you're now 6 months old - 6! It's your half birthday already and I can't quite believe that in just another six months you'll be a whole year old. Our time with you has gone by in the blink of an eye, but each day has been so enjoyable with you.

You really are such a blessing, the most lovely, calm, placid and happy little baby I could ever have asked for. You barely make a peep and if you do, it's just you finding your voice, not crying, just practicing your heavy metal screams - you're so funny! Even when you do cry, it's a low little murmur of a cry, you're not a loud little one by any means.

You're always so content, I don't know how or why you're so happy but I hope this is something that stays with you throughout your life. You're never short of smiles and are happy to just lay there, batting away at your hanging toys or sitting on someone's lap. You're so fond of being chatted too and this usually makes you smile and giggle a lot too.

You still don't move very much. You tried to roll over twice this week but you're just not very interested in it yet, you're more than happy just laying there taking in everything around you.

Your eyes are the happiest I've ever looked into, they have such a look of joy in them and I swear they almost twinkle. It amazes me that when I was pregnant I imagined a very happy baby with long eyelashes and here you are, materialised in real life, my happy little cheeky chappy.

Weaning is something we've tried this month and you seem to really enjoy it. You're only having one meal a day at the moment but so far you've tried a range of purees, all with fruit and veg and banana porridge - which you can't seem to get enough of. You now only drink your bottles warm too, but that's fine for the cold weather, they'll help to warm you up.

Your beautiful hair is growing back and it's a very light red colour with flecks of pure white blonde. You're my little red head for the moment and I love it. I read recently that red hair with blue eyes is the rarest combo on Earth, so you my little bean, are one of the rarest, how lovely and lucky are you?!

You're still very much my small baby and I don't think I'm ready to let go of all your babyness just yet. I still cradle you in my arms, hold you close to me, only really dress you in babygros and hand knit cardigans from Grandma, I was even reluctant to wean you but it has to be done...

I love you so much Beau, you've completed us all. You were the missing piece to our puzzle, you handsome, cheeky, happy little babe.



  1. Oh wow 😳 6 months already, I feel like you just shared on the blog that you were expecting him and now his 6 months already. Shocking!!.
    He's such a cute baby though just like his brother and parents

  2. Such a gorgeous little boy. Time is flying by too quickly, savour each and every moment x

  3. What a cutie ad from the sound of it he has a lovely little personality too ;-)

  4. Aww such sweet pictures. He looks so happy :):) Enjoy the precious time when they are little. My oldest baby is 22 :)

  5. 6 months wow that went fast such a lovely little boy,

  6. My little red head will be 6 months in January, doesn't it go so fast? Your babe is an absolute cutie 😍 Happy half birthday ☺️

  7. Ahh gosh that has FLOWN!! It feels like you just announced his arrival! He is such a gorgeous little boy, his eyes really are something else. I'm glad that weaning is going well too. xx

  8. He really is the most beautiful child. I can't believe it has been six months already that is incredible x

  9. Such a little cutie. Love reading these type of posts, they remind me of the when mine were a lot smaller!

  10. Time flies, these little moments will last forever though in your heart. Your little boy is so adorable.

  11. Aww what a cutie! It goes way to fast but yet its such a joy to see them grow :)

  12. Such a little cutie! Time goes by so fast doesn't it?! xx

  13. I cannot believe that he is six months old already. Time flies!


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