Monday, September 26, 2016

East Coast "Say Hello" 4-in-1 Discovery World Play Gym | Review ♥

Beau is a baby who likes to be kept entertained. Since his early days he's shown an interest in his comforters and hanging toys and I knew that'd he'd be a baby who'd grow to love playing and looking at toys - and I was right.

We were recently sent a lovely new play gym for Beau, the East Coast "Say Hello" 4-in-1 Discovery World - a fantastic, colourful play gym that offers four modes of play, lots of hanging toys and things to catch baby's attention.

Beau is in love with this play gym, he'll happily lie on it for hours, batting and cooing at the lovely hanging toys it comes with and looking at all the patterns and bright colours it features.

The play gym comes with five hanging toys, all with a weather/sky theme - a sun which has a mirror and crinkly sounding rays, a grey cloud with raised bumps for texture, a shining silver star which crinkles and has a tag, a moon rattle, a ball which also has a rattle noise and a mirror which can be placed anywhere on the play gym bars thanks to the velcro it has on it. Beau's favourite toy out of them all seems to be the sun - fitting for his sunny disposition!

The play gym also features a detachable cloud comforter with teether which is a lovely feature to have within a play gym, especially when little ones tend to become so attached to their toys.

The play gym also comes with a tummy time cushion, perfect for propping little ones up on and this little toys on it too to keep them entertained whilst practicing tummy time.

I love how colourful everything is on this play gym and the colourful patterns and characters on it are perfect for babies to look at. I know Beau loves looking at patterns and bright colours so this has been perfect for him. There's so much attention to detail in this product and as a parent I'm very appreciative of that because I want to buy products that have been well thought out and which will keep my children happy - this product offers both of these things.

There are lights on this play gym, which are great for babies to look at during tummy time. These lights can be put on on their own or with the two original Baby Sensory tunes the playmat has. I just wish it had more tunes or sounds as I like to have music or some noise on for Beau as he's playing and I'd love some more variety.

This gym can be used for four modes of play - as a play mat, a crawling tunnel, for tummy time or as a play gym - the latter is how we're using it for Beau. I keep the sides up - these are just tied onto the frames and let him play away to his hearts content.

The gym is very light, making it perfect for carrying upstairs and downstairs, depending on where I want Beau to be entertained in the house. It was also very easy to put together and I really do love how it looks.

The East Coast "Say Hello" 4-in-1 Discovery World Play Gym is £54.99 and stockists can be found here.

*We were sent this product for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Aw how lovely is the play gym, it looks like Beau (still loving the name) is really enjoying it xxx

  2. That looks like an amazing play-gym. My daughter had something similar, though I must admit it was nothing like this :)

  3. This looks like a great quality play gym. Your baby looks enthralled!

  4. What a lovely gym, I had one very similar for my youngest and he loved it :)

  5. Oh this gym is amazing. My daughter used to LOVE her gym so much. I love all the different things that they can see and touch in this one. x

  6. This is such a fab gym, it is so much better than many I have seen x

  7. That does look like an amazing baby gym. They are such great products, I know all of mine loved theirs.

  8. That is a lovely play gym, mine used to love there's

  9. your baby is so cute! I'm sure he loves the play gym, his eyes look sparkling :) x

  10. Sounds like a great play gym for hours of entertainment. Your baby looks very happy playing with it


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