Monday, July 25, 2016

Thank Heaven For Little Boys ♥

We recently had Beau christened and I just wanted to share some of my favourite pictures of him in his beautiful gown. I don't think it's any secret that I love vintage clothing and this gown is definitely the most special vintage piece of clothing I've ever dressed my boys in.

This christening gown was made from my mother's wedding dress from 1988 and was made for me for my own christening twenty-six years ago. I love the fact that I wore this, as did my brother and now my two boys and I think Beau looked simply angelic in it on his special day.

The little details on the gown make is something truly special. It's got little lace embellishments, ribbons and a big bow detail on the back, it's so beautiful.

I took these photos of Beau myself on the morning of his christening. I'm really trying to get back into my photography - with life being so busy at the moment it's been hard to get out and about with the camera with two boys in tow - and Beau is the perfect little muse for me at the moment, he's so easy to photograph.

I think he looks like a little doll. As the lovely, kind old lady in the hospital called him after he was born - a little dolly dowse. Jacek and I both looked at each other and laughed when she said that because she didn't even know about the blog when she said it.

I feel so blessed to have to handsome, loving and wonderful sons. Thank Heaven for little boys.



  1. Aww he looks gorgeous we had Blake christened nearly a year ago now and loved his little suit. I love that beau's christening gown was made from your mother's wedding dress very special.

  2. What a lovely Christening dress :) And as always, he looks absolutely adorable :)

  3. What a beautiful gown and he has the most amazing eyes x

  4. The gown looks lovely, I can't believe it's so old! What a great idea to carry on such a beautiful tradition.

  5. Aww hes so gorgeous, i love things that have meaning, we want to have a dress made for our little one out of my wedding dress.

  6. And he photographs so well too. Beau is beautiful and I love that you all wore the same christening gown.

  7. What a gorgeous christening outfit. I remember as if it was today when little man had his christening! Such a special day! :)

  8. Beautiful! Such large blue eyes and cute button nose :)

  9. Oh he looks stunning, I love the history behind the gown x

  10. I adore his christening gown, hope you have a fabulous day

  11. Aww, adorable pictures!! Love his christening gown :)


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