Sunday, July 03, 2016

Beau Samuel James | 6 Weeks Old ♥

Our beautiful, not so little, boy Beau is now six weeks old. The weeks are just flying by and I'm saddened by the fact that my newborn has slipped away already, much too fast. Beau is most definitely a proper little sturdy baby now and he seems to change so much on a daily basis. I even feel as though I'm missing all these changes as I'm with him every day and they're not as noticable to me compared to people who see him on a weekly basis, but I have noticed him getting heavier, longer and oh so expressive.

He is the loveliest, happiest and contented baby I have ever had the pleasure of being around and I feel absolutely blessed to be his mummy - so clichéd I know but I genuinely feel so lucky to have him in my life, he brightens all our days with his big gummy smile and airy little laugh, he's an absolute dream.

Beau has been ticking lots of milestones off his list recently. He's had his first proper smile and has never stopped smiling since. I try to capture a picture of him smiling everyday and the happiness that this baby exudes is just amazing. He greets me every time he recognises my face or voice with a big welcoming smile and he also smiles when he hears his big brother or daddy's voice as they enter a room. He's also begun to laugh and it's the funniest little laugh ever. At one point I thought he was making a little cry noise but he was in fact looking up at me laughing, I really must try and capture it on video.

He has also begun sleeping through the night without waking up for a feed. He was always a great sleeper though, only ever waking for one or two feeds a night since birth. He swiftly gave up the twelve o' clock feed and would wake between half three or four for a feed, but he now sleeps from half seven until five in the morning (sometimes later) and it's great that we're all able to get a good nights rest. I noticed last night though that he was a bit unsettled in his sleep, not waking up but whimpering and letting out little cries as well as wriggling around a lot. I think it's because he was hitting off the walls of his Moses basket and I've sadly had to come to terms with the fact that perhaps it's time to move him out of it and into his cot. I remember moving Tyler Lee into the cot and he was far happier in it. Even this morning putting Beau down for his nap in the cot he was stretching out for ages. I don't want to move him into his nursery (which is only about six steps from our bed) but I want what's best for him and he definitely needs the space of a cot and soon.

He has the most colourful and joyous personality, I think he's going to be a right cheeky one and he already plays little tricks on me - pretending he's drinking his bottle but he's not and when I ask him if he's acting the Mickey Mouse he smiles and laughs at me. He's an angel, I'm sure of it, I've never encountered anyone in my life who exudes so much joy and happiness and who can make everyone around them so happy too. I hope he's always a happy soul.

Beau is also a sociable little one, who'd love nothing better than for someone to hold him in their arms and chat to him all day - if only I had the time to sit and talk to his little sweet face all day long.

His next milestone is in two weeks when he'll be two months old, but I don't even want to think about it. I'm relishing my baby and don't want to let go of these precious, early days... they've already gone by far too quickly as it is.



  1. Time goes so quickly when u have little ones and its so lovely to see them grow and hit milestones but so sad when u know they are growing up too quick.

  2. Oh these photos are priceless! He has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in a baby :)

  3. You've made me go all weak, what beautiful photographs of your special baby boy. My favourite is with his elephant, so cute.

  4. Aww, such beautiful pictures. Enjoy your cuddles :):) Aww if feels like years ago mine were babies, oh yes it was :)

  5. What a beautiful baby boy, I love you photos, he's adorable. Enjoy him will he is young they grow up soooo fast x

  6. So cute! I can't believe how alert he looks compared to his earlier photos :)

  7. I am glad he is sleeping through the night. It is true it is crazy how quickly babies grow in such a short time. He is beautiful xx

  8. Aw, such a lovely update - and beautiful photographs! I was so reluctant to move Marianna into her cot; we lasted until 3 months and then she just needed the space. I was so sad, but she loved it! x

  9. He is ADORABLE! And i love the name Beau!
    Boys grow up so fast you dont even get to realise where time goes by! I keep thinking about my pregnancy like it was yesterday! Its been nearly 3 years now wow!

  10. He has the most gorgeous eyes! I cannot believe he is 6 weeks already

  11. Oh he is just so divine and so alert, wow x

  12. He is beautiful and sounds like such a happy delightful little boy. I can not believe that he is 6 week's old already, that seems to have flown over x

  13. 6 weeks already. He's so cute. The pics are gorgeous. Isn't it just wonderful when you get the smile xx


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